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The country is happy that the dream that has been in my mind for decades has come true. Neeraj Chopra’s 23-year-old Javelin won the gold medal with a distance of 87.58 meters. That is why when the national anthem was played at the Olympic Stadium, the whole of India stood up and shouted ‘Jai Ho’ with one voice of pride. India return from Tokyo with an all-time record of seven medals at the Olympics.

Neeraj has given a new lease of life to Indian athletics, which proudly held the fourth place of Milkha Singh and PT Usha in the Olympics and the world championship medal of Anju Bobby George. The image of this Haryana native wearing a gold medal around his neck will always be an inspiration in the minds of every budding athlete. Neeraj gave a golden glimmer of hope and consolation to the country that is languishing in Kovid. Born and raised in a farming family, India salutes the hard-working, gold-plated athlete.

The proclamation of our women’s power was also heard at the Olympics. Our team, which fought heroically and finished fourth in women’s hockey, put on an unforgettable performance. Mirabai Chanu, who won silver in weightlifting, PV Sindhu, who won bronze in badminton, and Lovelina Borgohain, who won bronze in boxing, all portrayed the strength of Indian women on the battlefields in Tokyo. Meera, who shone with the weight of the crisis from the backwaters of Manipur, and Sindhu, who did not hope for the country in the second consecutive Olympics and badminton, and Lovelina, who came from an ordinary family in Assam and fought valiantly in the ring of courage, are the flag bearers of change in New India.

The country can still hope for Ravikumar Dahiya, who won silver by beating his rivals in Goda, and Bajrang Poonia, who won bronze with determination, by wrestling with the money saved from the meager income of his father, a farmer. The men’s team, which broke four decades of history and won bronze, hopes that India will regain its old golden age in hockey. After 49 years, the Olympic medal reached Kerala through PR Sreejesh. Aditi Ashok, who finished fourth in the women’s golf course, and Kamalpreet Kaur, the relay team that set the Asian record in the men’s 4–400m relay and reached the discus throw final, are returning from Tokyo with pride.

Despite the joy of surpassing 6 medals at the London Olympics, the question arises as to whether this is enough for a country of more than 138 crore people. Is the consolation of a gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze shining enough for Indian sports as China, the US and Japan all take a scientific approach in finding talent and preparing infrastructure? Long-term gains can only be achieved if sports federations, which are relegated to the center of power, and government agencies that focus on sports only when the Olympics come, change their policy. The efforts made by the Indian Athletic Federation to nurture Neeraj Chopra are exemplary.

Japan successfully hosted the World Games, successfully overcoming the challenges posed by Kovid. Of course, the Japanese chapter on the organization of the Olympics will be included in the gold letters as a lesson in survival that will inspire the nations of the world.

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