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Golden Rooster Film Festival kicks off Ludao film fans meet the classics

Southeast Net News, November 15th (Straits Herald reporter Zeng Yushan and Cui Xiaoxu) Golden rooster sings dawn, Ludao flight song. This is a highlight moment for filmmakers and a feast of light and shadow for film fans. On the evening of November 10, the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers China 2022 Film Festival and the 35th China Film Golden Rooster Awards opened in Xiamen.

During the film festival, in addition to awarding the main awards of the Golden Rooster Awards, the Golden Rooster Domestic New Film Festival, the Golden Rooster International Film Festival, the Hong Kong Golden Rooster Film Festival, the 3rd Golden Rooster Cross-strait and Hong Gedd Film Season Screening Kong and Macao Youth Short, and the Golden Rooster VR Film Festival are also planned.

The classic continues, and hundreds of movies have met the people of Xiamen. After the movie singles were released, the response was enthusiastic, and it was difficult to find tickets for many shows.

At this year’s film festival, is there any film you are thinking of? What films did you watch? How was your Golden Rooster tour experience?

Golden Rooster International Film Festival “The Godfather”

Dolby Vision Remastered Edition Brings an Immersive and Shocking Experience

As one of the most important films in the history of film, “The Godfather” has received numerous accolades from film practitioners, film critics and fans since its release in 1972. It can be said that I was extremely lucky to watch “The Godfather” in Cinema Xiamen Vientiane this time, and I got the tickets entirely by hand. The Dolby Vision 50th anniversary remake that was shown gave me an immersive experience, and I feel like this masterpiece of film history has been reborn 50 years later.

From the point of view of watching movies, whether in the dark and mysterious study room where the godfather appeared, or in the discussion meeting between the godfather and the five big gangster families in New York, or in the dark and holy church baptism, Dolby Vision makes the screen more vivid The light and shadow present a more vivid layering. Compared to previous versions, it seems to be able to capture some undiscovered details. The sophisticated tone of “The Godfather” has always been a model for the creation of many films. In this 50th anniversary remake of Dolby Vision, it can be clearly seen that the dark colors of the film are more realistic and deep. Taking outdoor weddings as an example, the colors are incredibly rich and full, and I was blown away by the picture quality!

Of course, the basic reason why classics continue is that they adapt to the development of the times and have an immortal theme. Looking at “The Godfather” again, I think his views on the family, his thinking on the relationship between money, violence and the birth of the United States, and his detailed examination of immigration issues are all commendable. Its influence is far greater than the box office figures, and it is worth watching and watching again and again for every film fan. (Luffy’s way)

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