‘Golden Spoon’ Seung-yu, impressive in the home theater with colorful facial expressions

Seung-yu, an actor in ‘Golden Spoon’, attracts the attention of viewers for his stable acting and excellent character portrayal.

In MBC’s ‘Golden Spoon’, which ended on the 12th, Seung-yu appeared on the small screen as ‘Lee Seung-ah’, the older sister of the main character Lee Seung-cheon and an amiable and sincere owner. personality.

In the drama, Seung-yu portrayed ‘Lee Seung-ah’ as ​​a charming character with an unusual personality. For a character that may not have had a clear presence, Seung-yu brought charm to the character with his unique natural acting ability and his honest and unadorned acting.

With each episode of ‘Golden Spoon’, Seung-yu’s natural acting ability shone even brighter. At the beginning, Lee Seung-cheon (played by Yook Seong-jae) and real brother and sister Tiki-taka showed a realistic, and then he directed a thrilling romantic mood with Jang Moon-ki (played by Son Woo-hyun), by enriching the drama with increasingly colorful faces.

At the moment when emotion precedes rationality, it explodes as if fickle, and at the moment when excitement and trembling coexist, it even evokes the illusion that the character Lee Seung-ah exists in reality with realistic facial expressions.

Seung-yu began acting by appearing in short films such as ‘Black Flower’ and ‘Button’, and then appeared in various works such as the dramas ‘Trace, Room’, ‘Deceived Dream’ and the film ‘Midnight’, building his own filmography

Rookie Seung-yu, who appeared as a comet, created a three-dimensional character by showing stable acting and spending an excellent character through the role of Lee Seung-ah in the first earthly drama ‘Gold Spoon’.

Public expectation is already gathering what kind of acting he will show in the future.

iMBC Yoo Jung-min | photo courtesy of cube entertainment

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