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Golden Spoon Star No.1 Ham Yeon-ji, rich in talent sincere in her career

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[스포츠서울 | 이용수기자] Ham Yeon-ji, the third-generation owner of Ottogi, a food company, ranked first as the gold spoon star.

Mnet’s ‘TMI News’, which aired on the 21st, revealed the BEST7 self-made stars & BEST7 gold spoon stars that were proud of their parents.

Ham Yeon-ji is the granddaughter of the late Ottogi founder Ham Tae-ho and the eldest daughter of Ham Young-joon. Although he is a third-generation chaebol, he did not take business classes and developed his dream of becoming a musical actor. In 2014, Ham Yeon-ji was selected as the female lead in the musical ‘Gone with the Wind’ after breaking through the competition ratio of 300 to 1.

Ham Yeon-ji, who ranked first as the gold spoon star, already owned 1.2 billion won worth of Ottogi stock at the age of 14. At the time, he was also listed as a wealthy underage stock. Currently, he owns 43,000 shares of Ottogi (about 30 billion won). However, Ham Yeon-ji said that although she could exercise management rights, she would not participate in management in the future.

In addition, model Shim So-young, culinary researcher Baek Jong-won, actors Kim Ji-seok, Jo Bo-ah, Lee Min-jung, and Yoon So-hee were named in BEST7 Gold Spoon Star.

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