‘Golden Spoon’ Yeonwoo “Ideal type at work, Yook Sungjae as Lee Seungcheon” [인터뷰M]

Actor Yeonwoo Yook chose Sungjae, who played Seungchun Lee, as his ideal type for the character of ‘Golden Spoon’.

On the morning of the 14th, Yeonwoo held an interview with iMBC Entertainment at the office building of 9Ato Entertainment, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to commemorate the end of MBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Golden Spoon’ (script Yoon Eun-kyung, director Can Hyun-wook).

‘Golden Spoon’ is a life adventure story about Lee Seung-cheon (Yuk Seong-jae), who was born in a poor family, and Hwang Tae-yong (Lee Jong-won), who was born in a rich family, and became a golden spoon by the chance he had.

In the drama, Yeon-woo plays the role of Oh Yeo-jin, the only daughter of Oh Construction, who has a bold and arrogant charm. A person who has a desire to become the richest man in Korea by stealing the life of his friend with a golden spoon.

Yeonwoo said that the shooting scene with Yook Sungjae, Lee Jongwon, and Jung Chaeyeon was the most fun. All four of them are actors of the same age as those born in the 1990s, and Yook Sungjae and Jung Chaeyeon have a common denominator of being idol-turned-actors, so a consensus has been formed.

He said, “At first, it was very awkward, but as time went by, the conversation became easier and more comfortable. We became closer by talking about the work we did together.”

Yeon-woo was weighing her love for Yook Sung-jae and Lee Jong-won at work. When asked which of the two characters was closer to his ideal type, he chose Lee Seung-cheon, played by Yook Sung-jae, without hesitation.

Yeonwoo laughed, saying, “It’s definitely Lee Seung-cheon. Because Hwang Tae-yong didn’t have a good first impression of me.” Then, he said, “Yeojin is also a person who acts with power, but it’s three-dimensional. (Like Hwang Tae-yong) I can’t like someone who treats me like that.

Yeonwoo’s life reversal story, ‘Golden Spoon’, ended on the 12th with episode 16.

iMBC Seunghun Baek | Photo courtesy of 9Ato Entertainment

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