“Golf Anuwat” married “Nong Koon”, simple and full of love and happiness.

young protagonist “Anuwat Chucherdratana Golf” Single and married with a beautiful girlfriend “Temiyapradit Nong Khun Piyawadee” On February 1, 2023, the atmosphere was simple. but full of smiles throughout the event Don’t leave the concept of a cold couple behind.

“Golf” married “Nong Koon” with simple, full of love and happiness.

They are a simple unobtrusive couple. But perfect and has already been a life partner for the young hero “Anuwat Golf” officially divorced On February 1, 2023, he took the hand of a beautiful bride. “Nong Khun Piyawadee” a very warm and friendly simple wedding ceremony, with only family and close friends. In the morning, there will be a ring wearing ceremony and a cake cutting ceremony. followed by an evening party with female artist Diva “Jennifer Kim” join in singing It’s called simple decoration. but contented with happiness in another office

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