Golf Empress Se-ri Pak, long straight hair + extraordinary see-through fashion… 180 degree transformation ‘shock’

Golf Empress Se-ri Pak tried a radical transformation with her long straight hair and an extraordinary see-through skirt.

Se-ri Pak posted on Instagram on the 1st, “It’s unfamiliar, it’s unfamiliar!! It’s awkward to style long hair for the first time, so I keep smiling without realizing it” along with several photos of the pictorial.

The photo is a cut from a Rolling Stone Korea pictorial, and Se-ri Pak tried a long brown hair style, giving off a feminine look. She also showed off her fairy beauty in a black see-through chiffon dress. He gave fans great pleasure with his unique charm that was 180 degrees different from his usual appearance.

Ex-rhythmic gymnast Shin Su-ji, who came across Se-ri Pak’s pictorial, commented, “Wow, it suits you well.” Musical actress Kim So-hyun responded, “You’re pretty.”

Meanwhile, Se-ri Park, who turned from a professional golfer to a golf coach, is currently appearing on E-channel ‘Playing Sister 2’ and JTBC’s ‘Celebration Club’.

Reporter Lee Ji-soo of Digital News Team



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