Golf Pitchaya took a picture of the house program “Jom Khwan”, but this event was burned by the heroic climax of the person.

As well as working in the music industry Golf-Pichaya Nithipaisalkul is also interested in art and pop culture that he often shows himself on YouTube, most recently he has a program called Sangnerd and he has worked with Jomkwan Laopetch.

Pitchaya Golf

Yesterday, Golff came to film a program and Nong Ma talked about different figures. (Stay tuned for follow-up on Golf Pichaya’s channel) We say Taking the show is really an excuse. Golf comes in search of figures. 555…finish filming. Help each other find 2 figures. PS Although we are not a Golf Mike model, we are a Sandbank model.

by Golf and then commented that “I’ll be your fan forever #SonNongNerd, real people!!!!!!! I will keep asking for more figures.” to which Jomkwan replied “I will help you find a figure for golf to lose money forever.”

As well as being a member of the duo Golf-Mike, Golf Pitchaya has also performed in many theatrical films. Recently, he has a song. “We don’t stop” and made a YouTube channel with 9 lakh followers.

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