Golf Singha Chiang Mai furious! Phusit-Niran Lead after the third round

Professional golf tournament, accumulating world ranking points, All Thailand Golf Tour 2023 sponsored by Singha Corporation, National Sports Development Fund Sports Authority of Thailand Including partners who co-sponsored the competition “Sing Chiang Mai Open 2023”, winning a total prize money of 3 million baht between 8-11 June 2023 at Mae Jo Golf Resort & Spa, 6,642 yards, par 72, Chiang Mai province. sixth event of the 2023 Thailand Golf Tour season, the winner will receive a cash prize of 450,000 baht and accumulated points in the world.

On June 10, this was the third round of the tournament. Pusit Sapapramai, a 29-year-old golfer from Ratchaburi who started by 1 stroke behind the leader, definitely played by collecting more than 1 eagle 4 birdies without losing one bogey Before the end of the third round became a 6-under-par 66 for a three-day total of 17-under-par 199, leading the competition with Nirun Sae Ung, a 28-year-old golfer from Nakhon Pathom who led the competition after finishing the competition. second round who scored in the third round. Added another 5 under par 67.

Phusit Sapparamai Owner of the Asian Development or ADT champion in Pakistan in 2017, after starting the first 11 holes with 3 birdies before coming to show a trick in the last three holes with an eagle on the 16th and a birdie on the 18th. He said, “Going out in the first period, the game was not flowing very smoothly. but still considered to maintain good momentum Until the last three holes For the final round, I didn’t expect to win. I just want to hit it like it was three days ago. Keep your game good The important thing is to do your very best.”

As for Niran Sae Ung, the champion of ADT 2 programs, who is hoping for the All Thailand Championship, the first program in her career. Get off to a good start with a five under par 31 on the first nine holes. But added just 1 birdie going into the final nine holes, including missing the first and only bogey on the 15th hole, causing the third round to end 5 under par 67, but a total of three days is still good enough. in joint leadership position with a total score of 17 under par 199

A 28-year-old golfer from Nakhon Pathom revealed after those third rounds “He played the first nine holes well. Going into the back nine holes according to the standard is still considered good play. But the putt doesn’t go down at all, causing the score to not move. For the last day, try to play more in your own game. Because opportunities are still open to everyone. Everyone can do this field. And I believe if we can play in our game We can do the same. Try to think of a shot. Hit the shot you want. Not expecting the result of the competition how it would end.

On the side of Panupon Pittayarat, All Thailand champion, 1 item, 30 years old from Bangkok. Still keeping the momentum after finishing second with a score of 8 under par 64 in the second round, went into the third round, collected 5 more birdies without a bogey and finished the third round coming in another 5 under par 67 for a total of three days , 15 under par 201, third, with Saran Sirithorn and Pratthakorn Suyasri, in the third round, Saran and Pratthakorn hit 67 and 68 respectively, while Pavit Tangkamolprasert (66), Itthipat Buranathanyarat (67) and Ko Suke Hamamoto (68) ) trailed by one stroke for a total score of 14 under par 202.


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