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Original Title: Gome Retail Sets Up Anxun Logistics’ Full Retail Layout to Accelerate

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Gome Retail accelerated the pace of the second phase of the “Home·Life” strategy. First, it signed a custody agreement in mid-October to manage Anxun Logistics, which strengthened the logistics platform and the other five platforms to coordinate operations. In late November, it subscribed for Axun Logistics’ convertible bonds, which not only boosted the improvement of Axun Logistics’ service level, but also improved its own fund use efficiency by investing in Axun Logistics and obtained stable interest income, thereby enhancing overall profitability.

Build a socialized and shared open logistics platform

As the main business of Gome’s retail logistics platform, Anxun Logistics is regarded as a dark horse in the industry. From the earliest service mainly for the Gome system, to later for the entire retail industry, it has established a socialized, shared, open platform based on the Gome retail supply chain.

As early as 2017, when Gome launched the initial stage of its “Home·Life” strategy, Anxun Logistics aimed at family service capabilities and launched the industry-renowned “Synchronized Delivery” service at the right time, delivering color TVs, air conditioners, washing machines and other home appliances. The “three-in-one” of goods, installation and commissioning has attracted third-party retail companies including Xiaomi and In the revenue structure of Anxun Logistics in recent years, the proportion of third-party business contributions has increased year by year, and has gradually penetrated into the home logistics and distribution sector.

With the conclusion of the Gome retail custody agreement in the fourth quarter of this year, Anxun Logistics may form a cooperative combat capability with Gome’s “dress up home”. Exploring the market increment in the field of home logistics and distribution. This not only strengthens the “bite force” among the six platforms of Gome online, offline, supply chain, logistics, big data & cloud, and shared co-construction, it also empowers the majority of third-party retailers and circulation companies.

Release the full resources of Anxun Logistics in the form of sharing and co-construction

At the Gome Retail Media Exchange in October this year, Huang Guangyu, the founder of Gome, once compared Anxun Logistics to a shared logistics incubation platform. By reaching the blind spots of rural first-level service, a very large national logistics system was built. Solve the flow of things from the big B end to the small B end. Gome Anxun Logistics also allows third-party transportation vehicles to share resources, realizing a complete chain service from trunk and branch line connection, warehousing to end distribution.

At the moment when the concept of “cloud warehouse” is surging, Gome Retail also integrates offline platforms and logistics platforms, and optimizes the original CDC (central distribution warehouse), RDC (regional distribution warehouse), FDC ( The warehouse network structure of the pre-distribution warehouses maximizes the sharing of social restrictions on warehouse sources and idle warehouse time periods, improves warehouse efficiency, greatly reduces the cost of B-end warehousing, and builds an efficient warehousing logistics information matching platform.

With the increase of Gome’s retail capital on Anxun Logistics, Gome’s retail distribution capabilities will be effectively improved, consolidating its logistics service capabilities in all categories of products such as home appliances, home improvement, home furnishing, 3C products and fast-moving consumer goods.

As an important part of Gome’s full retail ecological sharing platform, with the blessing of Gome Retail, Anxun Logistics is expected to usher in a huge breakthrough in revenue scale, net profit and business scope, and then become a digital company that can create high added value for the society. , Intelligent supply chain logistics platform service provider.Return to Sohu to see more


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