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Gong Yu of iQIYI attended the 10th China Internet Audiovisual Conference: Focus on practice and move towards high-quality development

Shao Chen 2023-03-31 11:18:44

On March 30, the 10th China Internet Audio Conference with the theme “New Journey, Start Again” was held in Chengdu. Gong Yu, founder and CEO of iQIYI, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech entitled “Dedicated to High Quality Development”. Gong Yu used “four characteristics” to summarize the development achievements of the network audio-visual industry in the past ten years, and shared his comments on the “three trends” of the high-quality development stage of the network audio-visual industry.

China’s online audiovisual industry has made great progress in the past ten years, and high-quality masterpieces continue to emerge. Gong Yu believes that the online audiovisual industry presents four development characteristics: first, the online audiovisual platform has become a new high ground for the main theme of publicity; second, the online audiovisual industry has become a new force for high. – literary and artistic creation of quality; Fourth, the online audiovisual industry has become a new avenue to promote Chinese culture to go global. In recent years, iQIYI has always insisted on creating high-quality content, and has successively created many outstanding works such as “Ideal City”, “Rebel”, “Rival”, “The World”, “Wind Pinellia” , “Hurricane”, etc. Warm spiritual food of high quality. Adhering to the creation of high-quality content, iQIYI continues to deepen scientific and technological innovation. Based on the three major technologies of Internet artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, it has built a film and television industrialization system, realizing’ the movie. and television industry from decision making, management to production and distribution The whole process is being upgraded. In addition, iQIYI has also explored the development path of going overseas from content to platforms, and from works to IP. Through the rich audiovisual content on iQIYI International Edition and multi-category content distribution, it has distributed more than 200 brands throughout the world, countries and regions to showcase Chinese culture.

Facing the future, Gong Yu believes that there are three key factors for the high-quality development of the online audiovisual industry. First, literary and artistic creation has moved from a plateau to a new peak, and the general improvement of the creative level has led to the continuous emergence of high-quality literary and artistic works. At the beginning of this year, iQiyi launched the amazing work “Hurricane”. The show not only broke many records of iQiyi during its broadcast period, but also started a “hurricane hot discussion moment” on social platforms, and received praise and praise. from the mainstream media. “Hurricane” “An excellent performance in the market also confirms the influence of high quality literary and artistic works. The second is that the application of scientific and technological innovation has become a consensus, and the industrialization of film and television is constantly developing. On this currently, technologies such as AIGC based on artificial intelligence algorithms are of great concern to the industry. As the application scenarios of this technology continue to expand, it can automatically generate text, images, audio and other content based on a number of big data models, allowing the industry to see a wider prospect of intelligent production. The third is that the business model is more mature and stable, and new formats such as “cloud cinema” continue to emerge. For the whole year of 2022, iQIYI will achieve operating profit for four consecutive quarters. Based on stable high-quality content supply and cost-efficiency optimization driven by technological progress, it will drive the growth of membership users and form a “healthy and mature membership ” + advertising business model” The platform The “flywheel effect” is emerging, in order to improve efficiency and increase income to feed back to produce more high-quality content.

Looking forward to the future, iQIYI will join forces with industry partners to promote new expressions of online audiovisual, new applications of smart technology, and new explorations of business models, contributing to industry, society, and nation building. culturally powerful.


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