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Goo-ham Jo’s first silver streak in Korean judo in ‘Rio’s disappointment'[도쿄올림픽]

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Goo-Ham Jo, the men’s national judo team, cheers after advancing to the final in the men’s 100kg class at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on the 29th. Tokyo = Olympic Photography Foundation
Goo-Ham Jo (29, KH Group Phillux) showed off his first silver throw in Korean judo at the Tokyo Olympics.

In the men’s 100kg class final in judo at the Tokyo Olympics held on the 29th at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, on the 29th, Goo-Ham Jo lost to Aaron Wolf (Japan) in an overtime match. This is Korea’s first silver medal in judo at the Tokyo Olympics, following the previous two bronze medals (Ahn Paul in the men’s 66kg class and Ahn Chang-rim in the men’s 73kg class).

It is also the first men’s 100kg silver medal in 17 years since Jang Seong-ho’s silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

He missed the gold medal, but washed away the regrets of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Goo-Ham Jo underwent anterior cruciate ligament surgery ahead of the Rio Olympics and was unable to demonstrate his skills properly on the Olympic stage.

In the semifinals, Jo Goo-ham defeated World No. 2 Georgie Fonseca (Portugal), and in the finals, he also pressured World No. 5 Wolf. Jo Goo-ham is ranked 6th in the world.

In the beginning, maps were exchanged one by one. Jo Goo-ship tried to knock it over first, but it didn’t go in properly. After that, there was a tense nerve battle, but the winner was not decided. The next Golden Score (overtime). Jo Goo-ship was given guidance first, but then Wolff was given guidance as well. However, in 5 minutes and 35 seconds of extra time, Wolff’s Andari freerigging resulted in a loss.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ji Yoon (27, Ansan City Hall) finished the competition in 4th place.

Hyun-ji Yoon lost to Meira Aguiar (Brazil) in the women’s 78kg bronze medal match. While trying to back-to-back, I got hit by the opponent’s press counterattack.

Hyun-ji Yoon revealed the possibility of a medal by defeating world ranking 7th Natalie Powell (UK) in the round of 16 and world ranking 5th Fischer Steinhuis (Netherlands) in the quarterfinals in that order. However, in the semifinals, he was fouled by Madeleine Malonga (France), the world No. 1 player in the world rankings. He also shed tears in the bronze medal match.

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