Goo Hye-seon “I’m afraid to ask a lot of questions” The reason why I released a 4.5 grade point …

Reporter Cha Yoo-chae from Money Today | 2023.03.09 07:53

/Photo = MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcast screen capture

Actress Goo Hye-sun, ‘manhakdo’, told the story of unintentionally burdening the freshmen.

MBC entertainment show ‘Radio Star’, broadcast on the 8th, was a special feature of ‘Transformation Advent’ and guest appearances were Goo Hye-sun, Jung Rang, Lee Eun-ji, and Lee Kwang-gi.

On this day, Goo Hye-sun said, “I am in the 11th grade of Sungkyunkwan University, majoring in imaging studies.”

He admitted, “Newcomers remember me as Geum Jandi ‘Boys Over Flowers'” and “I heard that my classmates were elementary school and nursery school students at the time. There are cases where teachers are younger than me. “

/Photo = MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcast screen capture

He continued, “I’m 40 this year, so there’s a 20-year age difference from my class of 23,” he said.

Yoo Se-yoon and Kim Gura, who heard this, were surprised, saying, “It’s a burden” and “He feels like an old working scholarship student.”

Goo Hye-sun also said, “My friends don’t ask questions these days, but I think I should ask questions about things I don’t know, so I tend to ask a lot of questions.” It made me laugh.

/Photo = MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcast screen capture

On the other hand, Goo Hye-sun has personally revealed her transcript to the university community. According to the report card he released, most of the semester was in the 4.5 point range, and there was also a semester with perfect scores.

Seeing this, Jung Rang asked, “If you do this, don’t you get a scholarship?” Goo Hye-sun said, “At first, I got a full scholarship, but I gave it to another friend.”

In response, Ahn Young-mi joked, “You should be proud of yourself for uploading it yourself, right?” and Goo Hye-sun honestly admitted, “Of course, there is such a sense of accomplishment.”

At the same time, he explained the reason for revealing the report card itself, “I gave a lecture at school. When I posted the lecture, I wrote Goo Hye-sun, and they said, ‘If you are Goo Hye-sun, then I am Gu Jun-pyo.” So I uploaded the transcript and certified it.”

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