Goo Jun-yeop ♥ Seo Hee-won refuses custody, ex-husband demands drugs, and abides by the law

The bigger Chinese actor Seo Hee-won, who is married to singer Gu Jun-yeop, explained the rumors about drugs.

Seo Hee-won said on the 23rd, “Me and my younger sister can’t do drugs because my heart is not good. My sister works 4 days a week on average and lives with her parents-in-law and ‘for children. not working. I’m not interested in drugs. You can’t do any drugs in Taiwan, and we abide by the law.”

Previously, Seo Hee-won’s ex-husband, Wang Xiao-fei, and Wang Xiao-fei’s mother claimed that Seo Hee-won used drugs every day. Wang Xiaofei is also known to have a legal conflict over the cost of living issue. It is said that Wang Xiaofei has not paid Seo Hee-won the living expenses promised in the divorce agreement since March this year. The unpaid living expenses are known to be NT$5 million (about KRW 200 million).

Seo Hee-won said, “I did not write the statement submitted by Wang Xiaofei. Also, I did not receive 40 million yuan (about 7.6 billion won). It is. Wang Xiaofei cheated me, and Wang Xiaofei broke his promise and broke the law,” he explained.

In addition, Heewon Seo said, “When negotiating the contract, I thought custody of the child was important. I knew that Xiaofei Wang loved the child and suggested that he take custody, and he offered the right to visit. But Xiaofei Wang immediately refused And if three years’ time is needed, I told you to take care of the child first.”

Seo Hee-won said, “Me and Wang Xiao-fei did not have a good marriage. So I withdrew myself, and I have no resentment. Still, I wish him well.”

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia [email protected]

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