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‘Goo Kyung-i’ with one actor and director, “strange drama”… Lee Young-ae’s Comic Transformation (Comprehensive)

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[뉴스토마토 신상민 기자] JTBC new saturday drama caliberproduction presentation 29day afternoon 2city ​​was held. Corona19 Actress Lee Young-ae attended the production presentation that was broadcast live online to prevent the spread of the virus., Hye-Jun Kim, Kim Hae-sook, Kwak Seon-young, Including Jo Hyun-cheol Director Lee Jung-heum attended.

caliberI can’t stand the lag in both the game and the investigation, I’m suspicious of every corner of the room(Lee Young-ae)It is a hard-boiled comic chase drama of. Actress Lee Young-ae 4It is attracting attention as it is a drama comeback after a year..

Director Lee caliberAbout In short, this is a strange drama.. 4~5There were too many unpredictable points while filming the moon.. Because the viewers are so smartof course it will go like thisThe moment I think about it, I go to a different direction I never imagined.. You may be confused at first, but the more you look, the closer you get to the artist’s big picture.He said, raising expectations for the drama..

4Lee Young-ae, who returned to the small screen after a year, I chose it because it was a really strange drama.. The texture is different from the previous dramas and the color is different. I also had fun going to the site.. The process of creating a new character was also fun.as Colors I’ve never tried, I thought I could put a lot of colors I wanted to show. It was a new challenge for me too.said.

Kim Hye-jun, who takes on the role of Kei, who has a secret, predicted that it would be different from what he has shown in other works so far.. he is A plump and youthful look that suits my age, I’ll show you a lot of unpredictable thingssaid. In addition I thought that there would be no hesitation because I wondered when there would be an opportunity to act together.He revealed the reason for his appearance.

Kim Hae-sook, who plays the role of Mother Yong-guk, the chairman of the Volunteer Donation Foundation. I’m also weird in dramas. it’s really weirdopened his mouth. Following For this character, I tried to erase the image of me that was there until now.. After much discussion with the director, I tried to look completely different.He said, making me curious about Kim Hae-sook’s transformation..

NTKwak Seon-young, who takes on the role of Na Je-hee, the head of the life investigation team, talks about her character. You face a crisis when you face a moment when you can’t protect what you are supposed to protect.. I think he is a person who can evoke a lot of sympathy in such a situation.. I want to be perfect, but I’m not perfectsaid.

Netflix ‘D.P’Jo Hyeon-cheol, who received attention as NTHe took on the role of Oh Kyung-soo, a life investigator.. he is “’D.P.’If there was a part where I lead everyone’s emotional lines, this time around, it’s a common person you can see everywhere.said. In addition Wanting to step out a little bit, wanting to be recognized, But it’s not enough, so I’ll show the spectators scolding mesaid.

Finally, the director Please take a moment and don’t change the channel. early 30Please look at me even if it’s weird. There must be a reason why great actors chose them. We look forward to the next story with a strange charmI asked.

caliberIs 30day night 10city30First broadcast in minutes.

Kyeong-i Lee Young-ae, Kim Hye-jun, Kim Hae-sook, Kwak Seon-young, Jo Hyeon-cheol. Photo/JTBC

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