Good compatibility with streaming programs… Introduced two types of HyperX USB microphones

As the demand for online broadcasting platforms such as one-person media, streamers, creators, telecommuters, and video conferencing increases, the demand for USB microphones that can be used on PCs is also steadily increasing, and new products are being launched.

The USB microphones SoloCast and QuadCast S White introduced by HyperX are characterized by convenient operation and compatibility with major streaming programs such as OBS, OBS Studio, and XSplit.

▲ Photo courtesy of HyperX

HyperX Solocast and Quadcast S are excellent products for both streamers and creators, as well as students taking online classes and office workers working from home, thanks to convenient operation and high versatility. HyperX introduces a total of two color collections by adding a new white color along with the black color of the existing lineup.

The HyperX USB microphone lineup can intuitively check whether the microphone is muted through the LED status indicator, and provides high-level voice delivery quality with high compatibility with multiple devices and programs. It is compatible with three platforms, PC, PlayStation 4, and Mac, as well as major streaming programs such as Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, and XSplit. In addition, as it has been officially certified by voice chat programs such as Discord and TeamSpeak, smooth communication is guaranteed.

Solocast is a product that maximizes convenience so that even users who are new to the microphone can use it easily. In particular, it supports Plug and Play (Plug N Play) function, so it works immediately after connecting USB without installing a separate driver. The compact size and tilt-adjustable rotatable stand make it easy to secure space and can be installed in a narrow space. In addition, the microphone is useful in various situations such as voice chatting, streaming and recording by supporting a cardioid polar pattern that prioritizes front sound.

Quadcast S is a high-quality USB microphone that boasts gorgeous RGB and clear voice delivery. For RGB effects, users can set their preferred color and polar pattern through our software, NGENUITY. You can select one of stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional depending on your desired use, such as broadcasting or telecommuting. The built-in pop filter mitigates plosive noise, and the anti-vibration buffer mount is designed with a flexible rope suspension to minimize vibration noise.

The retail price of HyperX Solocast is 89,000 won and Quadcast S is 249,000 won. More detailed information and various HyperX lineup can be found on the official website.


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