Good ending! The old man invaded the house dragged the wife to the car revealed that I still love him held different people’s hands

Good ending! The old man invaded the house dragged the woman to the car revealing that I still love him holding the hands of different people The woman objected and said he looked good. not going back to dating again

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from the case of one Facebook user Post a clip of the scandalous incident. In the middle of the night on 20 September. The aunt was attacked by her ex-husband, who had broken up but ultimately failed to break into the house. removed the neck lock dragged out of the house before being carried away, the fate is unknown In Moo 1 area, Khlong Chinda Sub-District, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom Province, until the next day The offender agreed to release the woman and coordinated with Sampran police station to rise in Phetchaburi province.

The latest progress, on 22 September, 65, Mr Kanthat Pongpaiboonwet or Kan Jompalang Phan Sor Um, 49 years old, the victim, comes out on the stream, together with Mr Joe, 38 years old, the perpetrator before going to down Come to an interview with the media.

Ms. Oum, the victim, when the incident happened, her ex-husband broke into the house. Carrying him into the car to Phetchaburi province, he could only wait for the hope from the police. The ex-husband did not physically harm him, but he threatened him and made him feel scared. At the time, I thought if I didn’t die You must always be there. Worrying that no one will help you didn’t go home and worry about the parents at home because you are old But when this became news get help immediately The police came to pick me up and I felt relieved.

After negotiating a deal with the ex husband made me feel better I’m sure he won’t bother again. In the future, he confirmed that he would never get back together again. Because people who love each other wouldn’t hurt each other like this. Even what the ex-husband said sounds good. But the action is not at all. He had had the opportunity many times before. and wish this time to end well Let the ex-husband do what he said.

Ms. Oum also about the money her ex-husband gave to pay the debt admit it was true But he only made money for the first 2 years of dating, but after 4 years He was the one who made money for her ex-husband Considered enough already. The amount of money would not be refunded. and will never connect again

Mr. Joe, the criminal, his hand to apologize. and that revealed admitting wrongdoing for what was done But what happened was related to the husband and wife. No one knows as well as both of them. In the past, they worked hard in other states. to pay a debt including creating a situation to build a family together But the women’s side changed. Try to run away and chase like a pig like a dog. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. I was always trying to confuse. but there was no answer. So I wonder if my boyfriend has someone else? It’s awkward and stressful.

The part that happened that day Just wanted to clear up with the woman alone. There was no intention to harm the woman. and already thought he had to let go He was not a person with a cruel heart. In the past, if the women agreed to talk for a reason It probably wouldn’t happen like this.

Mr Joe also said that the feeling at the moment is still to love and care for women. but it takes time He was able to make up his mind because he had been through pain before. As for the money for the wife to pay the debt He didn’t think it was that important. because they can live their lives Just think what to do And where is the value of love?

“I admit I used to be impatient. But when he came to meet this woman make more calm Make you willing to change yourself 80%, but like the woman put the nose of love around her neck lead them to go wherever they want to go Do whatever you want. Throughout the 6 years we have been together, I have always done it for the woman. But today, love has ended. when women don’t see the value of what they do I’m ready to go and take time to pay better attention to the feelings of those around you.”

While Gun Jomphalang revealed that today after the two had a good conversation. because there was an agreement on the men’s side he will not contact women in any way does not travel to any harm and does not harm the women the women did not like If the man can comply with the agreement Regarding the case, that can be unacceptable If the police prosecute the man He was ready to find a lawyer to help.

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