Good exercise for aging parents

It is useful to live a healthy life by recommending moderate intensity exercise such as jogging, tennis, swimming, and cycling to old and infirm parents. [사진=클립아트코리아]

There are not a few children who give health supplements to their elderly and infirm parents. It means regaining some vitality. Older parentsthis a little more a healthy lifeto be able Physical educationHow about recommending


Even people with teeth Physical educationshould do physical healthclass Mental healthResearch results are being published which may continue. According to a paper published in the Journal Archives of Internal Medicine, regular exercise Agingbecause physical disabilitycast delayIt works.

The research team targeted elderly people in their 70s and 80s Less than 4 hours a weekoh Physical activityif you did low activity groupby, more than twice a week swimming or jogging vigorous exerciseor go for a walk for an hour every day active groupDivide by , and compare.

lively Physical activityfrom a group of death ratemuch lower, and to those around functional supportreceive or will powerThe make rate was also low. physical activity is muscle lossslow down, reduce fat Immunityto improve relieve inflammationThis is because it has a general positive effect on the body, as it does.


The same goes for mental health. As we age, our ability to create new neurons decreases. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, moderate intensity exerciseIf you do cell productivitythis improves If you exercise regularly over a long period of time, neurotrophic factorsecretion is stimulated nerve celloh viabilityit gets louder cognitive abilitydeterioration will also decrease.

In a Columbia University study published in the American Academy of Neurology, exercise stroke, dementia, memory loss Cover the back of the old people brain healthIt has been found to help protect


Older parentsWhat type of exercise would you recommend for me? According to a study by Columbia University, people who do not exercise or those who do simple physical activities such as golf or walking are more tennis, swimming, hiking, joggingPeople who exercise more vigorously have healthier brains.

moderate intensity exerciseThis is the biggest help in maintaining physical and mental health. If your parents are in a state of health that allows them to be physically active jogging, swimming, cyclingmore than moderate intensity such as Cardiovascular exerciseIt is better to recommend However, the stamina is too strong to do intense exercise. weaknessif done light walking It is more appropriate to move your body gradually with your back.

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