Good luck!! Special scoop, the power of Man City that is still superior to the rival team


Special scoop, the strength of Manchester City, despite the release of many players But the rest in hand is still more dangerous than any team.

Manchester City have continued to strengthen the team in the offensive line, 2 people are: Erling Haland from Dortmund and Julian Alvarez from the River Plate, which Pep Guardiola will let Haland be the main character in the front, while Alvarez will have to adjust for a while because he had never played in Europe before

The reinforcement of the team may not be over yet. because they are moving forward to find the middle ground to replace Fernandinho Captain of the team that left the team when added would have to let go of the old one Because some people are rarely given the opportunity to enter the field much.

Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus Two offensive lines that have But it’s just a spare part in the latter. Sterling sits on the reserve in UEFA. Champions League Semi-finals with Real Madrid in both games and in the last 2 games of the Premier League Who are competing for the championship with Liverpool, playing a total of 34 minutes.

As for Jesus, although he has played more often But he is aware that the future is uncertain. And does not close the opportunity to move out, which has Arsenal with their arms waiting, of course, if playing in the Emirates Stadium, it will be the main one by default.

Although staying with Manchester City will make everyone have a chance to win the title. But with the 2022 World Cup not being played in June-July as usual and playing in November-December causing everyone to speed up their work in order to be able to go to the Qatar national team when they don’t get on the field There are also missed opportunities.

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Nathan Ake Dutch defender It’s another person who has to find a way to go. Because most of the seats are reserved. Louis van Gaal Orange Turbine Coach clearly confirmed that Everyone who wants to go to the World Cup Must play for the club regularly before

Manchester City players Each of them can easily move to a Premier League team because of their high standards. or going out to play other leagues With the top team, it’s not difficult. Depends on where you choose to go

Pep probably doesn’t want to let anyone out. Because I know that it will reduce the team’s toxicity. Plus handing the sword and spear to the competitor as well.

Sterling has attracted interest from Chelsea, while Jesus could be in London with Arsenal or Spurs, and they are direct contenders.

In the past, he has rarely seen Pep release a good player for the top team in the Premier League. but will be sold to other leagues instead But this season may have to remember. Send some weapons to your opponents.

But it will be the players who are the core of the team. It’s more dangerous than competitors.

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