Good morning!

Good morning on Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

The weather

The temperature will be between 6 and 12 degrees. It will be cloudy. The wind will be moderate from the northwest at a speed of 7 m/s.

Lucky of the day

The true essence of life is revealed to us in silence.


According to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the prophecy of the holy martyr Boyan, prince of Bulgaria, is connected with the conversion of the Bulgarians. Legend has it that during the time of Khan Krum (802-814), the Byzantine scholar Cinnamon was once among the prisoners. Krum’s son Omurtag (814-831) noticed his influence on his sons, or simply out of dislike for Christianity forced him to take part in an idolatrous meal.

When Omurtag’s successor, his youngest son Malamir (831-836), became king, at the request of his elder brother Enravota, he brought Kinnamon out of prison and gave him as a slave to his brother, so Prince Enravota under Kinnamon’s influence secretly accepted Christian baptism and was called Boyan.

There is no factual information about him: neither where his tomb is, nor where his relics are, nor whether a service was composed in his honor. His memory is celebrated on March 28 with the mention of his name in the 24-hour liturgical procession. Prince Boyan Bulgarian is known as the first Bulgarian martyr who died for the Christian faith.

Name day is celebrated by Boyan (means – magician, healer), Boyana, Boyanka, Albena, Boyko, Boyka, Boko, Grozdanka.



The absolute plus of this day is that you are given almost complete freedom of action. You will be able to make decisions independently and implement your plans in life without expecting support and approval from anyone. You should not rely on the latter at all today, as against you will be those who until recently were on your side. And in personal relationships, things will be complicated, and more than once you will have the feeling that a storm is approaching, and not jokingly. Somehow you will manage to smooth out the sharp corners, but further relationships are out of the question.


Mobile phones are one of humanity’s greatest achievements in recent times! But for you, Taurus, they will turn out not to be a means of connection, but a kind of tying rope, since your housemates will tear you away from your work every minute, with vitally important (at their expense) things. The advice is to not answer calls from family members from time to time.


The day is favorable for making long-term plans together: very long-term and very joint. Roughly speaking, this means where you will be in five to ten years, what you will be doing, what goals and tasks you will have and how your relationships will develop. Even if you don’t come up with anything rational right now, at least you’ll be dreaming.


Have you thought about decorating your home? Sometimes this is an excellent way to express the changes that are happening in you. Think about it more, but don’t do anything for now. Today is extremely suitable for quiet reflection and making plans, but not very good for active action. The play of the imagination can be one of the most fascinating points of things, and you will hardly want to deprive yourself of this pleasure.


It is up to you whether your dreams of a happy love with this person will come true today, or whether they will never come true. Correctly formulate your goal, set yourself up for victory and start a decisive struggle with the harsh reality of the right to love and be loved. The main rules are three: to see the goal, to believe in yourself and not to be afraid of obstacles.


Your innate emotionality has declined a bit, giving way to such qualities as curiosity, mobility and receptivity. By tuning into the relevant wave, you will be able to absorb any information, even if you have heard it only once. At the same time, the probability of a forced trip increases, but regretting having taken them is almost unlikely. The weather is great for learning. If, for example, you have to write an essay on a difficult, ambiguous and new issue for you, start the work by searching for virtual materials about it on the Internet.


Try to spend the day calmly, avoiding unnecessary shocks and if you are not trying to solve overcomplicated tasks. The ability to settle for little and accurately assess your options will be needed if you plan to devote your day to overcoming professional difficulties. The financial picture is stable. Large purchases and large investments can be made – you will not spend your money in vain. Try to avoid both physical and emotional stress, because they can become the cause of failures.


You are quite determined! It is possible that you have set a goal that is a little beyond your capabilities. Although you always take on any work without hesitation, try not to overestimate your strengths, because otherwise solving them may force you to take unnecessary risks. Instead, it’s better to focus on expanding your skills, finishing projects you’ve started, and getting your home in order. In these things may lie the key to a golden future.


You will have to deal with uninteresting, but very useful and necessary things. Unfortunately, no matter how much you convince yourself that you have to work hard for the goal, it will not increase your enthusiasm. You can show some cunning and find helpers: after their appearance, the day will suddenly become lighter and more pleasant. Disagreements are possible in the family, but you will still be able to avoid quarrels by reconciling parties about to be at war in time. The peacekeeping mission may make you forget your own interests, but it will not lead to serious losses.


If you value your relationship with someone, or you want to preserve your reputation, do not take any serious steps in the first half of the day. Your courage combined with idealism and self-confidence can lead you astray and lead to the destruction of what you have worked so hard to create. The truth that one should hurry slowly will be very appropriate for the second half of the day. Grind every detail with great care and then even in the most slippery situation you will be reliably insured against failures.


Today and in the next few days, it is best to put on a warning sign, as they should not expect from you the objectivity and disinterestedness with which you are famous at the beginning. Let your feelings show, but if you really care about your loved ones, let them know early on that you’re in an unusual mood, or you’ll make them very anxious.


During this day, you will be faced with the need to obey some requirements: strictly professional, legal or domestic. Your future may directly depend on how obedient, restrained and disciplined you are. You should not spoil your relationship with older and experienced colleagues or with the representatives of the law, but rather listen to their advice. If you bring a little more order to your life, there will be no problems.

What to read

Your world can turn upside down in an instant!


Daniel Steele

Meredith White is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood, but a personal tragedy ends her career and alienates her from her family. For the past fifteen years she has lived alone in San Francisco with her two trusted servants. But on a hot summer day, a massive earthquake rocks Northern California and chaos ensues in the Bay Area. Without a moment’s hesitation, Meredith invites her frightened neighbors into her unscathed home.

These people didn’t even know that famous movie star Meredith White lived on their street. Now they share her life in the big house, as well as their most closely guarded secrets. Without the fences and privacy of their own homes, neighbors form new friendships. Each of them has a story. From the doctor whose children and wife are afraid of him, and the beautiful young woman who is the lover of a narcissistic man, to the aspiring writer who cares for a famous blind pianist.

Filled with harrowing human dramas, the novel Neighbors is a story of how our world can turn upside down in an instant. In this story with unforgettable characters and exciting twists, love and courage become the most powerful forces.

A joke

A grandson congratulates his grandmother on the occasion of March 8:

– Dear grandmother, happy March 8!

He thinks, and his grandmother helps him:

– And you wish…?

– And I want soft cheese and biscuit cake!

Now smile! A wonderful day begins!

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