Good morning!

Good morning on Wednesday 29.03.2023.

The weather

The temperature will be between 2 and 11 degrees. It will be mostly cloudy with some rain. The wind will be moderate from the northwest at a speed of 6 m/s.

Lucky of the day

Love is about giving and has nothing to do with what you get.


Rev. Mark was a bishop in Arethusa, revered by all for his pious life. The city authorities asked him for funds to restore the shrines he had destroyed. The bishop was not afraid and refused. Terrible persecutions began against Christians. They handed over St. Mark to the enraged people. They dragged him through the streets, tortured him to death, but they could not defeat his stubbornness.



You should not worry about some health related problems that have been troubling you lately, because very soon everything will go away. You may think that this has happened because you have been very busy lately and have not had any opportunity to travel, but in fact, this is not the reason. It’s just time to get well. If you want, you can consult a doctor for peace of mind.


In no case should you doubt your abilities! There is no room for doubt in your busy schedule. Moreover, they are completely unfounded. You will not only be able to immediately look at potential problems and conflicts, but you will also be able to show a way to resolve them. It’s time to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. The person who admires you is waiting for the moment when you will achieve your goal and give the situation your unique charm.


Today you become part of the coincidence of the will and desires of the parties that will enlighten all involved. If you’re able to contribute to the conversation, raise your voice immediately, no matter how reserved you’ve been lately. Try to get out of your comfort zone and arrange your communication with people in a new way. The list of characters in your life story has not yet been finalized. So don’t jump to conclusions about who you’ll keep and who you won’t. Explore the new relationships in detail.


If it seems to you that you have found yourself in the epicenter of events, you can definitely say that you are right. The good news is that you are in the “eye of the storm”, that is, that place where all is quiet and calm. Soon you will be forced to seek refuge from all this noise and screaming around you. Suppress the urge to strike back, or manfully face the hostile elements. You have to live by the motto: “Safety first” if you want to experience all this commotion without much stress.


Today you will notice significant changes in some of your relationships, which will reveal completely new horizons. If things are about romance, prepare for a more detailed discussion of the future. For example, about what you are planning. If these ideas of yours concern friendship, you will notice how others will begin to treat your interests and needs much more respectfully. In other words, many things will begin to change, and visibly for the better.


Today is an ideal day to measure your success, so don’t waste your time looking around and assessing the situation. With your flexible schedule and impeccable sense, you will be able to determine which projects are close to completion and which need your attention at any given moment. If one of your friends is behaving in an unusual way, it is possible that he also claims extra attention from you. Give it to him with all your usual generosity, and you won’t regret it.


Your loved one’s desire for this day will be to admire your every word, action and even movement of thought, and this will please and irritate you at the same time. However, you will have to independently calculate the proportions of these feelings. And to draw conclusions – also…


You may be surprised to find that you are attracted to things that previously never attracted you, but this is a good sign. In fact, we can talk about it as evidence that you are expanding your horizons and starting to look for stimulus in new ideas. The old methods and approaches in life are no longer effective. You have to ask yourself why you do what you do. The more new information you have access to, the clearer you will see your future.


You have seen serious signs that you are handling the situation very well. Continue to follow your intuition and only do things that feel right to you. You start to feel comfortable doing things that you never found interesting and enjoyable before. In fact, life is full of surprises. If you get involved in some big common work, you will boost your self-esteem and strengthen your sense of self-importance. Try to help someone who needs it.


Whether you’re helping an elderly neighbor carry their shopping bag or volunteering to paint the appliances at a nearby daycare center, you feel the best when you’re helping someone. There are thousands of ways to volunteer, and by doing even one of these actions, you are already changing the lives of society for the better. And this, in turn, will change your attitude towards yourself.


You will be overly emotional today. You will be tormented by memories of experiences from the past years, from which, unfortunately, you still cannot get rid of. An unexpected phone call can give you new information that is likely to lead you to a dead end. You have focused on solving financial issues, and if necessary, look for additional work. You will have to meet people who are not very pleasant for you. You will waste a lot of time, and as a result, you will get only negative emotions.


It is best to spend today in the company of good friends. In time, you will be glad to remember it. Moreover, the behavior of your loved one today will not be as logical as you would like and will hardly fit into your idea of ​​how the ideal representative of the opposite sex should behave. Give in to the emotion and everything will be fine.

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A joke

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Now smile! A wonderful day begins!

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