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A wonderful day begins

Good morning on Wednesday 02/08/2023.

The weather

The temperature will be between -4 and 1 degrees. There will be partly cloudy skies. The wind will be moderate from the north at a speed of 4 m/s.

Lucky of the day

Treat each frightening thought with patience and love. Practice looking at your fears as a bystander and you’ll see them dissipate.


On February 8, Proron ZACHARIAH is celebrated.
Zachary is a name of Hebrew origin and means God remembers.
Zahari, Zaharin, Zasho, Zarin, Zarko, Zaro, Zaharina, Zara, Zasha are celebrating.

Zachary is also celebrated on March 24 and September 5.

What does the name Zachary mean?

The name is of ancient Hebrew origin and means “God’s memory”. It is popular not only in Bulgaria, but also in Russia, Georgia and Armenia.
He is a balanced, down-to-earth person. Responsible and hardworking. Family is a priority for him and he can always count on his support. Zachary is a homebody as he is timid and shy by nature and does not feel comfortable in noisy companies. He is a good friend, he is ready to make sacrifices for his loved ones. In love, however, he is amorous and dedicated. When Zachary loves, he tends to neglect his interests. As for marriage, he married at a young age. He is attached to his wife and children and does not cheat
He will be happy with a woman named Anna, Va lentina, Vera, Elisaveta, Edith, Eva, Irina, Nadezhda, Natalya, Olga. His marriage with Alexandra, Svetla na, Ina, Daria can bring him problems.


The day is very favorable: your efforts are not in vain, and the results of your work will turn out exactly as you expect them. You should not hide your ambitions and shy away from bold desires – those around you will treat them with respect and willingly recognize you as a leader. It is likely to strengthen professional positions. This can be expressed both in a promotion in the service and in an increase in salary. You are in the power of strong feelings, but you do not lose your head, so the changes in your personal life will be of a positive nature. The day is very suitable for new acquaintances.


A pleasant day awaits you, very suitable for communication, friendly meetings and new acquaintances. You will spend your time well, finding many occasions for joy and merriment. You will easily cope with household chores. New ideas and plans will emerge. The financial situation is favorable and you will be able to make larger purchases. In the second half of the day, trips are likely, which will be tiring but successful. The day is suitable for discussion and starting joint projects.


Today, nature will turn against your relationships. Meteorological weather will in no way contribute to romantic walks and passionate confessions of love, but it will not give you the opportunity to concentrate on each other: something will constantly and necessarily distract you. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to stay home, don’t do it…


Today, a rather complicated situation will arise for your person, and you will be the only person in the world who will be able to ease his conscience and everything else that will prevent him from living peacefully. Try to be as careful and patient as possible. He really deserves it!


A rather complicated decision awaits you, although you feel that you are not yet ready for it. Unfortunately, no one will start waiting for you! If you delay the decision today, there is a lot to regret about it in the future. Your task is to listen to your inner voice in time, and intuition is the one that will tell you what needs to be done. The day is very suitable for resolving financial and property disagreements, including intra-family ones. You will be able to reconcile the warring parties, as well as create a comfortable atmosphere for communication.


You will succeed in your work. Not only will you excel in everything you do, but you will also help those around you so that they can strengthen their professional authority, find like-minded people and improve their relationships with colleagues. Really significant successes for now make you wait, but fortunately you are not one of those people who do not appreciate small achievements. New acquaintances and interesting meetings are likely, but they are unlikely to lead to serious relationships. In difficult situations, you can count on friends who will understand you better than relatives and loved ones. Do not overwork yourself with excess loads.


Today will be difficult for you. You will constantly fight with those around you, although you will not aim for this at all. Although you don’t want to offend anyone, you often make remarks that are misinterpreted. It is better to speak directly, because this way you will be able to avoid misunderstandings. You will not need the help of relatives, but before you get it, you will have to listen to a bunch of unpleasant instructions. Your “half” will be a pleasant exception and will understand you from half a word.


It would be best not to fret about trifles today: this day is made for big plans and colossal changes. You may get a promotion or start your own business; to leave the competitors far behind, or to achieve an indisputable victory over them. It is true that being active takes a lot of strength, but your life potential is high enough today. Contact with people who trust you and admire you without hiding it will be very pleasant. Listen to those who praise you and enjoy the compliments because they will be given without any ulterior motive.


It will be very important on this day to have harmony in clothing with your loved one. For example, to dress in denim suits or stick to the business style together. Then you’ll really look like one, and you’ll feel consistent.


The day is all about surprises. It is probably an unplanned reception of guests. Keep in mind that the uninvited visitors will be around for a long time, so be prepared to get cramped and put up with some inconveniences. Capricorns, who value family ties, will have plenty of reasons to be happy. They will be pleased with news related to parents and the older generation. A romantic meeting will leave an extremely favorable impression on you.


To be able to get something from your loved one today, you will have to play on a broken record. This means that you will have to repeat the same request endlessly, along with the same arguments. Yes, this will annoy him to no end, but you will achieve the effect of the drop that cuts the stone.


Since you don’t have eyes on your back either, you don’t notice what’s going on behind you. Turn around! That area of ​​your life that you’ve been neglecting and letting it live a life of its own will immediately start needing your attention today. This may have been obvious by now, but who knows! Just remember that if something demands your attention, it is deserved!!

What to read


Niklas Nat o Doug

“1794” is the second part of the Bellman noir-style trilogy, which began with “1793”, considered the best book of the year in Sweden for 2020. The author unfolds a new plot of deception, revenge and crime. The reader is reunited with Mikel Kardel, Anna Stina Knapp and other acquaintances from “1793”. The detective intrigue, clearly defined at the beginning, will get lost in the canals of Stockholm, hide behind locks and bridges and give way to a story about Swedish life at the end of the 18th century. Niklas Nat o Dag is far from done with his brutal and nakedan image of the darkest corner of this vibrant and decaying world.

A joke

– Well, Hassan, yesterday the children started stealing the TV while I was watching the series!

– Well, what do you want, Aisha, I told them to work from home.

Now smile! A wonderful day begins!

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