Good news for Australia before the World Cup!

The good news for Australia ahead of the World Cup is that captain Pete Cummins is fully fit.

Australian captain Pete Cummins has expressed hope of playing all three ODIs against India after making a full recovery from his left wrist injury on Thursday.

However, fellow bowler Mitchell Starc will not be able to play the opening matches of the series.

The Australian captain also hoped that Marence Lebuschgin would continue his good form in the series against India and secure a place in the final 15-man squad for the ODI World Cup.

During the pre-match press conference ahead of the opening ODI on Thursday, Pat Cummins said, “I’m feeling great. My wrist is fine now. I’m 100 per cent (fit) and hoping to play all three matches.”

Referring to veteran batsman Smith, the captain said that he is also fully fit and will play tomorrow’s match.