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good news!!! iPhone 13 may come in a new matte black color

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It is reported that a new one has been released for us to update again. For the latest information, foreign media claim that iPhone 13 Pro The new model will come in black that is darker than Graphite and Apple’s Space Gray, which is the darkest and darkest black in the current model.

website www.phonearena.com Reported back in March, it was reported that the iPhone 13 Pro models will have a new matte black option. And today, rumors about the color have surfaced again, adding a little more information!

in the channel’s new video Youtuber Filip Koroy Some of the iPhone 13 series data were presented with references to Max Weinbach, where they mentioned that the new iPhone 13 series will come with a darker black tone than the Graphite color of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. Maybe completely black

According to previously reported information, the iPhone 13 Series will come with black cutout lines and will have a matte finish. There are also rumors that the Pro model will have a new stainless steel coating to reduce smudges and fingerprints.

For other specs, the iPhone 13 Series will come with a new capacity of up to 1TB, a LiDAR sensor for all models, a bigger battery and a 120Hz screen like the iPad Pro (only Pro models) and the camera will come with technology that makes Sharper images and better image stabilization


However, the information we have presented today has not been officially confirmed. So we have to wait to follow each other that in the end Apple will prepare something to surprise the disciples.

In terms of the expected price iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro และ iPhone 13 Pro Max As previously rumors have leaked, the new iPhones are almost all cheaper than the iPhone 12 series.

But according to the personal experience of the author, if the information that comes out from this month until the launch date is often mixed with real data. if you don’t believe Let’s see in September if it will be the same as I said.

According to the schedule, Apple will launch the iPhone 13 Series, their new smartphone around September, as usual!


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