“Good Night Oppy” documentary depicting the bond between the Mars rover Opportunity and the people involved, to be distributed on Amazon Prime Video | Gizmodo Japan

If you’ve been together for a long time, it’s only natural that you become attached. Humans also feel about robots.

Mars rover modified by NASAopportunity. It was launched in July 2003 and reached Mars in January 2004. The originally planned mission was to last 90 days, but was extended many times, and the Opportunity ended up around Mars. for 15 years. Amazon Prime Video original “Good night Oppyis a documentary about Opportunity and the people involved in its development and operation.The title, “Oppy,” is the nickname NASA staff used to call it.. The cute and catchy nickname Oppy alone shows how much NASA loved Opportunity.

Honestly, after reading the wikipedia mission summary that finally lost communication after a 15 year mission, given the nickname Oppy, that alone makes me cry a little. At work, you can learn about the structure and mission of Opportunity and Mars, but the main thing is the feelings born between people and Oppy. Oppy can be special to NASA not only for his research achievements, but also as a teammate and friend.

Directed by Ryan White, who also directed “I Didn’t Kill Kim Jong-nam.” Narrated by actor Angela Bassett. In the US, it has been partially released in theaters, but in JapanWatch on Amazon Prime Video from 23 NovemberI can do it.

Video: Prime Video / YouTube

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