Good state student Michigan man a dorm, then raped him, police say

Good state student Michigan man a dorm, then raped him, police say


A minority of sexual assault reports are prosecuted and result in fewer convictions. Why?
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DRAWING – It is the duty of a State student in Michigan to attract a man to his dorm room with false promises to meet a university quarter meeting, then raping it, according to court records.

Aaron Gerard met the other man walking home from a bar in April, and Police Detective MSU Kelly Johnson gave evidence at a hearing which led to criminal charges.

Gerard says that the fourth USC quarter was the person who had been sleeping, and offered him the other man. Gerard led the man to his room in Abbott Hall, where he closed and locked the door. There was no fourth quarter.

The man fell when Gerard started kissing the person and mouth, and Johnson gave evidence. Gerard took off his clothes, threw him on the bed, described him and tried to attack him sexually. The man often told Gerard "he wasn't" and told Gerard that he wasn't gay.

Gerard's solicitor Robert East said Gerard rejects all allegations against him.

"Mr Gerard has been wrongly accused and he is extremely upset about the impact this has had on his life, and the potential damage to his reputation and his future," said the east. "But we are also confident, as this case progresses, and the facts come to light, it is proved to be innocent of anything and all wrongdoing."

Deeper digging: Victims of sexual assault do not receive justice in most cases. Researchers, prosecutors do not agree about the reason.

Gerard is responsible for first-sex sexual behavior, sexual assault and kidnapping.

When the man tried to get out of the dorm room, Gerard told him that if he wanted to leave, he had to make oral sex, Johnson said. The man met and persuaded Gerard to go to bed after he had finished.

He ran out of the dorm room wearing his only shorts, leaving his shoes and other clothes behind, Johnson said. Afterwards the police got his clothes in Gerard's dorm room.

The police received a video showing Gerard and the incoming man and leaving the dorm, Johnson said.

Gerard told the police that the man was a willing participant and said that he would have had sex if he came back to his room.

Gerard is near District Court 54B East Lansing November 8. He was not booked in Ingham County Prison and was released from court for personal bail.

Gerard graduated from USC in May, but was a student at the time of the alleged sexual assault.

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