‘Good Warrior Madhu Warrior’; Says Jolly Joseph

Producer and Madhu Warrior’s friend Jolly Joseph reveals the story behind the birth of an interesting scene in the movie Lalitham Sundaram. Lalitham Sundaram is the first film directed by Madhu Warrier with Manju Warrier and Biju Menon in the lead roles. In the movie, there is a scene where children do makeup on Sudheesh. Madhu Warrior says she found the scene from the family of producer Jolly Joseph. Jolie is sharing that story.

Jolly Joseph’s words:

Good morning Madhu Warrior!

I was in Dubai with many events and last Friday afternoon when Air India, which was scheduled to depart at 12 noon, informed me that it was late to go to Kochi, I went to see my friends and talked without knowing the time.

Meanwhile, Madhu called me on the phone and said, “Do you remember the scene where Sudheesh in my picture put on make-up and tied his hair …..?” I was a little nervous as I was late at the airport and I replied …. ” Yeah, I’m trying to get in the car..but what’s the matter …? ” The answer came immediately. ‘I do not know what I said, that scene was taken from my old memory of Jolichettan’s house …. Every time I came to your house, Rekha and Reshma would do that to me’ …



I thought for a moment … to the old days when sincere friends like Madhu, Jishnu, Nishant and Prashant used to come home … yes, he was right..I have often seen my twin daughters Rekha and Reshma dressing him up at the age of six … but many things in the past I forgot …!

All the incandescent bulbs seemed to be stars when I just looked up at the top of the hall, not knowing what to say without any tension beating the nostrils. Chechi, who was smiling without any grief, called me at the check-in counter and gave me a boarding pass.

The director replied coolly, ‘Some things will touch our minds and it will influence our own work.’ My Madhu, the good and grateful debutant director who is remembered in our film industry which is not so good, has that in mind … that is his quality, then and now! Probably the quality of Malayalam cinema is unmatched. Last Friday was Madhavettan’s (Madhu / Manju’s father’s) day of remembrance. Honest, simple and beautiful subject matter in a single phone call, the joy given to many is invaluable …!

Air India did not move or shake as it flew through the thick clouds, or did I not know …? May the Lord bless you abundantly to make great films that will fill the audience with joy and have the visual beauty of good storytelling ..! I’m always proud of you, my baby, and my cousin!

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