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News of domestic workers being exploited and mistreated is usually reported in the media. But at least some rare people consider domestic workers as family members and maintain their relationship. A young Instagram influencer named Anish Bhagat has shared pictures of such a rare heart to heart relationship. Here are the scenes of a grand send-off prepared by Reshma, a woman who works from home, for Anish, who has decided to go to another city for work.

Reshma prepared a feast for Anish at her home. Reshma prepared enough food for Anish to fill his heart and stomach when he came to his small house with only one room. Reshma’s family members welcomed Aneesh and Suhri by dressing them in a traditional turban and kuri. After that countless dishes were served in front of Anish and his friend and fed with love. Reshma also did not forget to hand over the father’s and mother’s share to Anish.

Anish has captioned the photos as the most emotional moments. Anish says that Reshma Dee is his closest friend and he is very sad that he will not be able to see Reshma regularly as he has to leave home. The love given to him and the efforts it took to give him such a grand boost will never fade from his mind. But Anish has mentioned that this is never the end of this relationship and Reshma will always be with him. Anish ends the post by saying that he has nothing but gratitude in his heart.

This is not the first time that Anish has shared a video with Reshma. On the day of Rakshabandhan, the footage of Reshma giving gifts to Reshma, who is seen as her own sister, and Reshma tying Rakshabandhan can be seen on Anish’s Instagram page. That is not the end. Anish and his family find time to take Reshma shopping and beauty parlors to cheer up Reshma, who has been working for their family for ages. Apart from all this, Reshma is also a regular presence in Anish’s reels.

The video has been watched by more than five lakh people in a few days. Many people write comments with their hearts full of love. One notes that Anish and Reshma are people who value only human relationships without giving importance to money or status. Someone else said the video shows that the world will always be the most beautiful place if we treat others with love and respect.

English Summary: A boy gets a warm farewell from his house help in a viral video.

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