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Original title: “Goodbye Lover 2” Su Shi, Ding Lu Ge quarreled for the first time, Yi Lijing suddenly asked Zhang Want and Song Ningfeng

The fourth episode of China’s first marriage documentary observation reality show “Goodbye Lover 2” created by Mango TV will be launched at noon today. This Wednesday, the couple went to the Desert Sculpture Park. Su Shiding and Lu Ge climbed the tower romantically for the poster. They got into an argument for the first time but they got into a communication dilemma. Maggie Cheung also admitted that she has low self-esteem and a lack of sense of security; Ai Wei secretly prepared a birthday surprise for Chen Meiling, and Chen Meiling was very excited by the sense of ceremony. And when Su Shiding was troubled by his pessimism, Huang Zhizhong and Shen Yifei warmly pointed out that “pessimism does not stop you from being cute”, which made people feel very healthy.

Su Shiding and Lu Ge’s first dispute is too twisted, and Huang Zhizhong Shen Yifei’s heartfelt output: “Pessimism is also valuable”

During the desert poster shoot this week, the three couples showed their feelings and thoughts through the interpretation of the sculpture. The statue chosen by Su Shiding and Lu Ge made Su Shiding sigh: “This is a narrow gate, too narrow for two people to walk side by side.” As for what is the “narrow gate” in their marriage, Su Shiding thinks that his pessimism has affected Lu Ge, and Lu Ge believed that the two parties have different pursuits, which made them have to give their love up This is their first in-depth dialogue, but they have disagreed time and time again. Lu Ge asked Su Shiding what he wanted to pursue, but Su Shiding’s answer made Lu Ge feel that it was not clear enough. And when Lu Ge mentioned that he wanted to give material protection to Su Shiding, Su Shiding said that he did not need it, and said with emotion: “I answered him, but he could not understand, and I did not know what he wanted express.”

After listening to the conversation between Su Shiding and Lu Ge, the guests in the observation room were shocked that this was their first in-depth conversation. sharing his insights based on his own experience : “My wife is a pessimistic person, she can detect risks for me.” I hope Su Shiding doesn’t blame himself for being pessimistic, because “sadness doesn’t stop you from being cute.” Shen Yifei also discussed pessimism and optimism: “Pessimism and optimism have their own value, and negative emotions and positive emotions also have their own value. Turning a pessimistic person into an optimistic person would be a very bad way to deal with him .”

Yi Lijing suddenly asked Zhang Wanting, Song Ningfeng and Ai Wei prepared a birthday surprise for Chen Meiling

After the three couples arrived at the Cliff Hotel, Yi Lijing made a surprise appearance and organized a special welcome dinner. At the dinner, Yi Lijing suddenly asked Zhang Wanting: “Do you think he is with you because of the child?” “Are you kidnapping her with the child?” As the conversation continued, Yi Lijing also threw Song Ningfeng away. asked: “Is (not speaking) cold and violent?” “Did you allow them to misunderstand Zhang Wanting through inaction?” After continuous questioning, Yi Lijing correctly hit Zhang Wanting and Song Ningfeng relationship problem, High energy throughout. At the same time, Yi Lijing pointed out that Zhang Wanting was not only insecure, but even distrustful, and Zhang Wanting also responded that she was indeed inferior, and wanted to rebuild herself through this journey. The reminder group in the observation room analyzed Zhang Wanting’s self-explanation. Shen Yifei compared Zhang Wanting to a “little game girl”: “She doesn’t know how to respond to these lovers. She doesn’t know what’s behind the feeling of being loved.” , The little girl doesn’t get enough love.”

Before the welcome dinner started, Ai Wei took the opportunity to leave, but he was actually preparing for Chen Meiling’s birthday surprise. When Ai Wei appeared with a birthday cake and presented a gift prepared in advance, Chen Meiling was very moved. Ai Wei said that she would help Chen Meiling prepare the birthday party every year, she would be very happy, and she felt it was worth it. The sweet atmosphere in the birthday scene sparked discussions among the guests in the observation room about the emotional direction of Chen Meiling and Ai Wei. Qian Zhe predicted that the two will be together in the end. Sun Yi and Hu Yanbin felt that they would not get back together, because the responsibilities of a partner are different from those of a friend.

In the face of Yi Lijing’s insightful question, what did Song Ningfeng say that made Zhang Wanting exclaim? What did Su Shiding say in tears? Why did Hu Yanbin say that he felt the same for Song Ningfeng? For more excitement, stay tuned for the first marriage documentary observation reality show “Goodbye Lover 2” on Mango TV every Tuesday at 12:00 noon. Return to Sohu to see more

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