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Google’s “Clock” app that comes pre-installed on Pixel smartphones has been updated(Version 7.4)However, multiple functions have been added, such as future dates and stopping for a period of time with alarms.

Also, the design when the alarm sounds has changed, and snooze and stop are now button taps instead of slides.

Setting an alarm starts from the future date

Until now, if you set an “alarm at 7 o’clock”, the alarm will go off at 7 o’clock the next day. With this update, it is possible to set an alarm such as “alarm at 7 o’clock the day after tomorrow”.

Also, in the case of repeat setting, if you set “Alarm at 7 o’clock Monday to Friday” on Tuesday, the alarm will start from the next Wednesday, but in the update, the setting “Alarm at 7 o’clock Monday to Friday after next Friday” It will be possible.

Pause the alarm for a period of time

For example, if you set the alarm to “alarm at 7 o’clock every Monday to Friday” and say, “I want to turn off the alarm for three days from tomorrow,” it used to be necessary to turn off the alarm once. and turn it on again in three days. With the update, you can now “pause just for 3 days from tomorrow”.

Snooze and stop at the tap of a button

Previously, when an alarm went off, you swiped left or right on the alarm icon to stop or snooze it. This has been changed to a simple tap button.

Left: Old format Right: New format

By the way, the terminalConfigurationAccessibilityIf you turn off all the apps shown in , the previous format will remain.

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