Google is announcing this year’s first wave of Pixel phone and watch feature updates

21:52 Wu Xiaowen / Report from Taipei

Google announced that it will launch feature updates this year for Pixel phones and Pixel Watch, including porting the night vision mode photography function that was originally exclusive to the Pixel 7 series to the Pixel 6 series, and the magic eraser and can remove unwanted people and objects in photos at will The function is also open to all Pixel phones, and Pixel Watch has finally caught up with the trend in function updates, supports fall detection, and emphasizes that Pixel Watch can tell the difference between heavy falls and small trips, and high-intensity exercise.

Google said that when the feature was updated last year, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro got a faster night vision mode. This year’s first feature update allows the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to also use the Tensor mobile phone chip and developed by Google. The new algorithm allows you to experience a faster night vision mode and take photos faster in low light environments. The Magic Eraser function that followed the Pixel 6 series, except the Pixel 6 and 7 series, is available in the Pixel 6 and 7 After the first feature update this year, it has been opened to all generations of Pixel phones to use photos in Google Photos.

As for Pixel Watch, Google said that the feature update will allow Pixel Watch to officially support the fall detection function.. If it detects that the user has fallen heavily, the watch will assist in contacting services emergency rescue and providing the user’s location to the rescue unit for help If the user is conscious and able to speak, they can also speak to the emergency services in person if they need help.

Since Apple Watch’s similar function was first launched, it was misjudged because the user only exercised vigorously. Google said that through the Pixel Watch’s built-in motion sensor and machine learning, the Pixel Watch can distinguish between heavy falls and other situations, such as reducing the number of accidental emergency calls.

And Google also announced that, in a new wave of feature updates over the next few weeks, Google’s smartwatch operating system Wear OS 3+ will introduce new audio and display settings, allowing users to create custom hearing and display settings on the Pixel Watch . , for example, users can use the mono sound function to reduce the discomfort caused by the difference between the left and right channel sound, or use the new color and grayscale correction mode to flexibly adjust the smart watch’s display screen to meet different visual preferences.

And Google also said that the Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro will soon have ultra-wideband digital car keys, meaning that when users approach or leave the car, the car will be unlocked or automatically lock without taking the phone out of the pocket or purse To start the vehicle engine, there is no need to put the mobile phone into the vehicle mobile phone holder, but only certain BMW models launched in 2022 and later which this function supports for now.