Google-Salesforce Expands Data Technology Alliance…Supports AI Use |

[디지털투데이 황치규 기자]Salesforce and Google have formed an alliance aimed at helping companies make better use of data and AI.

According to TechCrunch on the 7th (local time), the collaboration between the two companies is focused on helping companies use their data models and custom machine learning to predict what they need.

It covers products and services from both companies, including Google BigQuery, Salesforce Data Cloud, and Vertex AI, an AI platform managed by Google.

Previously, Google and Salesforce also signed a data-related collaboration in 2017. At the time, the collaboration focused on analytics and big data.

Since then, the two companies have expanded their collaboration to share data, develop AI-powered customer service experiences and marketing tools, according to TechCrunch.

Cooperation with Google is considered reasonable from the point of view of Salesforce, which has recently been appealing itself as a data company. In recent months, Salesforce has also introduced generative AI tools such as EinsteinGPT and SlackGPT.

Google’s position also secured a channel to expand its big data analytics and artificial intelligence services to Salesforce’s more than 150,000 customers through this collaboration.


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