Goosebumps again! The late doctor whispered, revealing the latest warning from Lord Yom through the light.

Considered to be another person who has been talked about a lot during this time for Physician Prai whisper After the emergence of the COVID-19 mutant virus that the world is watching. Omicron virus because the doctor had predicted it in the show The period before the announcement of the opening of the country that In November, germs will be imported into Thailand.

By the doctor said
During September – October it should be changed which changes here if it doesn’t happen Thai people will face the hardest conditions for covid during november May be extended until March 2022

change is to change people management, change people, but what I see has 2 ways, one way he agrees On the other hand, he doesn’t go down which way he does not go down I saw a rather larger percentage.

If he doesn’t get it, November will be when the virus returns. It is the importing period of pathogens. After that, until March 2022, it’s stressful for Thai people. Even if I try to live But we don’t have medicine We can’t control it anymore seems to have but unable to control

In the next year or at the end of this year Go for a test and you may not know that this is covid. maybe something else Or it may be mixed with other types of diseases. and it is in us not knowing how to treat which for the doctor is considered to be the deepest period for Thai people

Recently, the black ant Kachapha and the unfolding program invited Dr. Prai to predict the fortunes of the country and the Omicon virus. Again together with scientific analysis by Doctor Gift.

The summary of the interview is as follows:

1. Next week there will be very big drama news, minus Omicron covids.. that spread throughout Thailand

2. The late doctor is the person who used to predict that There will be a pathogen that is much more frightening than SARS and comes with HIV.. that is really Omicron.

3. Still traveling in the country

4. Finally, I would like to suspend travel both in and out of the country.

5. during February Seeing something’s going to be so heavy that there are foreigners to help.

6. Omicrons may not be just omicrons.

7. March, Covid will change its name.

8. Pets will become new carriers.

9. The New Year is organized but is a small event. I really want you to stop holding New Year’s events and stop traveling.

10. There will be more people dying on the road. claiming that because of the dust Actually, it’s addicted to air covids.

11. Omicron will be with us for another 5-6 months.



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