Goosebumps “Eh Chutima” is actually a bang because “Mutelu” this thing? Bang work, win the lottery, sell rich

Bang can’t take it anymore for the former Miss Thai “Eh Chutima Naina” The person recently posted a clip of himself. Post on your personal Instagram chutima.aey while doing it. Gold face signing ceremony covering the rambutan mask gold face conch Gold Face Enhance power, luck, prestige, fortune, summon wealth, work, trade, love, mercy and write the message “I will blow a spell to make you fall in love..(Sai Mw has to come)..If you are interested, you can post gold face. You can talk to Ae.”

It is known that “From Chutima” Is the real Mw and the real bang. “I used to catch my boyfriend cheating. because the pediatrician said The pediatrician is the one who opened the Kik chat line to read. a child who has been raised since the age of 19, a white haired child given by the teacher he believed and grew up with as a child And the person said that there is always good fortune in life has never been difficult like selling items on the page Chutima Everything – Chutima sells everything. Well, work in the industry is great.

for “Golden Landing Ceremony” of interest at the moment It is a ceremony to anchor the mind. It is believed to help increase fortune, support fortune, mercy, great charm, improve prestige and increase fortune. make the lives of those who have entered the golden face flourish From being without love, there are people who are kind and affectionate. who made a bad living, who came back to trade well and make a profit bring hope Turn bad fortunes unbelievably good

by popular points in front of the gold Different positions are as follows:

  • Forehead. This point is the most popular. Because the forehead is the most important point of the face. the greatest and the most prominent Therefore, it is considered the sum of all glory.
  • Cheeks are the points according to the four-faced Brahma (Metta, Karuna, Mutita, Upekkha) by virtue of the noble kindness.
  • The mouth landed on this point to gain confidence when speaking.
  • Eyelids or under the eyes. Believe that when there is eye contact or blinking. It will make those who see it feel loved and popular with us.
  • double sided lobe which is believed to be the residence of the Popular spirit down to invite the prestige of the angels to maintain longevity.
  • Brahmins consider the crown as the point of entry and exit of the Life Force. is the abode of the gods
  • Tongue arrives at the spot to make the discussions reliable. Speak sweet, pleasant words
  • The chin is the lowest point of the face. down for revered stability
  • the nape of the neck to love even when viewed from behind

goosebumps "Ay Chutima" very bang because "Mute" this thing?  Bang work, win the lottery, sell rich

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