Gopi Sundar and Siddharth Menon unite in Canada; Amrita, Jassim and Shweta for Coot

Mississauga: Music lovers Gopi Sundar and Siddharth Menon join hands. The collaboration will be performed at Ensemble Gopi Sundar Live at six locations across Canada. Amrita Suresh, Jasim Jamal and Shweta Ashok are the other singers in the band. All the singers have arrived. Chief organizer Biju Kathara said that the show is being prepared by Maloo Entertainment Group in association with Arpan Tejas Productions Entertainment.

The first concert will be held in Mississauga on Friday, June 2. This program under the auspices of Muses Kerala will start at 7 pm at the Annapolis Hall. Kerala Muses include Raji Surendran, Biju Mathews, Subha Pillai, Pradeep Chennampallil and Saneesh Joseph.

The second show is in Pickering on June 3, led by Shani Dumas. It is held at the Apostolic Pentecostal Church. Manoj Karata is the mega sponsor of both the shows. The concert is the third show of the week at London’s Centenary Hall, hosted by Maloo Entertainment Group on Sunday, June 4. Mohandas Kalarikal Manikanddas is the mega sponsor.

Siddharth Menon, Gopi Sundar, Amrita Suresh and others during the press conference

Gopi Sundar said that the songs will be performed according to the interest of the audience so that the old and the new generation can enjoy them. Siddharth Menon, Amrita Suresh, Jasim Jamal and Shweta Ashok said they are eagerly waiting to participate in their first concert in Canada.

Other shows will be held in Edmonton on Friday June 9th hosted by CKCA, Winnipeg on Saturday the 10th by MAM and Delta hosted by NMS on Sunday the 11th.


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