Gossip : 24CS Fragrant meat Open for IPO subscription for the first day The response is better than expected.

The hottest new IPO shares!!! For “Twenty Four Con and Supply Public Company Limited” or “24CS” headed by “Yosavee Wattanatheerakijcha”, the CEO, is delighted!!! The response to the offer of 130 million newly issued ordinary shares (IPO) at a price of 3.40 baht per share, the first day of IPO subscription on September 23, received a lot of reaction from investors.

As for Asia Wealth Securities Co., Ltd., as a leader in the distribution of 24CS shares, together with UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited as a financial advisor, reinforcing 24CS shares with a strong foundation It is one of the main contractors construction specializing in large buildings. Exceptional in air conditioning and ventilation systems As well as extending to the installation service of all building engineering systems. With over 10 years of experience with stable performance and good profitability compared to the industry It also suggests that the backlog in hand is more than 1,168 million baht, expecting to gradually recognize revenue this year. Encourage the jump Reflecting from the first half of the year, profits jumped 433.94%, supporting the confidence of investors looking for growth stocks to support the economic recovery and keep an eye on many large projects are still open in gradually for sale. Support post-funding opportunities with long-term growth wings

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