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Got it! Pheu Thai people reveal that “3 candidates for the prime minister” Tony Break, “Chong Ying Aor” control the party

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Got it! Deputy Head of Pheu Thai reveals “3 candidates for Prime Minister” Thaksin acknowledges that “Phuea Thai Isan” Chong Khun Ying Aor takes control of the party. Tony breaks himself, saying it’s time for a new generation.

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On October 17, a reporter from the Pheu Thai Party (PA) said that over the weekend there was a Ubon Ratchathani MP for the Pheu Thai Party. Send video clips to online groups Pheu Thai Party MPs as a clip of the party atmosphere MPs and party executives recently held a video call with former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. MPs of the party

The content in the clip is during which Mr Thaksin gives the participants an opportunity to ask questions, which Mr. Krieng Kalptinan, deputy party leader. and Northeastern leaders from Ubon Ratchathani Province Was a real questioner about the possibility of having Khunying Potjaman Damapong, former wife of Mr. Thaksin. became the leader of the Pheu Thai Party to fight for the next election because if Ying Pojaman took the position Believed to be a magnet, all the old minions will return. “If Ying (Potjaman) promised to become the party leader, what would the boss (Mr. Thaksin) say?” Mr. Krieng asked, causing the participants to applaud. and cheer

When Mr Thaksin listened to the question, he had a lollipop before replying. Khunying Potjaman is the most dislike of politics. But in the past, I fell on the ladder of Ploy Joan, “Khunying (Pojjaman) may be too old and if absolutely not necessary Khunying will not ask to enter politics because she doesn’t like two speeches. I’m not good at speaking in front of a lot of people. able to preside over the meeting But going to the speech Why don’t you go up on stage to greet people?” Mr Thaksin stated.

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Then Mr. Krieng actually said that “What I thought in my mind was not wrong that You keep it for yourself,” causing the participants, including Mr Thaksin, to laugh with delight. At the end of the clip, Mr Thaksin also said, “I have many approaches. Ensure that each approach MPs considering leaving Got his money have to return the tank This trip must win Land Slide. because normal win It’s not a government. If land slides, it doesn’t dare to be a government must take the land slide of the kind that doesn’t dare to be a government”. Shortly after the video clip was shared I have to remove the clip from the group. Pheu Thai Party MPs for unknown reasons

Subsequently, Mr. Krieng gave another interview through the program ‘In-depth Thailand Inside Thailand’ in the case of genuinely asking Mr Thaksin about the possibility of Khunying Potjaman Damapong, Thaksin’s ex-wife. become party leader In order to fight the next election, Mr. Krieng replied that the clip took place on October 12 in the past. at their own birthday party The event was held at the home of Mr. Pongsak Rattanapongpaisan, former Minister of Energy.

Before saying the name of Khunying Potjaman He asked the former prime minister who would be the head and candidate of the prime minister. of the Pheu Thai Party, to which Dr. Thaksin replied that “I know that the party has been established.” After that, he asked Dr. Thaksin in a realistic way. Because she saw that Khunying Potjaman could be the center of the party. If you become a candidate for the prime minister Will be able to attract talented personnel to work together.

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To which Dr. Thaksin replied that Khunying Potjaman did not like politics. too old Now is the time and opportunity for the new generation. By Mr. Krieng also said that At this time, the Pheu Thai Party has set a candidate for the prime minister. Three of the party’s names are expected to be revealed to the public soon.

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