GOT7’s “NANANA” is a huge stream, sending the boys to appear all over Bangkok.

Warner Music Thank you Thai Agase who participated in the power of sending GOT7’s “NANANA” to make a huge stream, making the boys appear all over Bangkok Along with announcements, there are also fun missions. will definitely follow

When all fans of GOT7 or Akase Joining hands to show the power of GOT7’s young single “NANANA” to reach more than fifty thousand streams for 5 consecutive days, Warner Music (Thailand) has arranged a special gift to thank the Agase people. By taking cute photos of the boys of GOT7 to appear all over Bangkok! Deserves the best comeback of the boys and thanks to the power of all lovely Thai Agases.

by all ahgase Pictures of GOT7 can be found on the LED screens of the Empire Building, Sathorn (June 17-23) and public relations vehicles. to scout for Akase in different areas of Bangkok from June 17-23, with 17-18 at Siam Square, 19-20 at Sathorn, 21-22 at Asoke and 23 at Ari. There are also beautiful posters of GOT7 that can be seen in various places.

“NANANA” is the title track of the boys’ new EP ‘GOT7’. where the seven members of the band reunite After parting ways to work on their own for 1 year and 3 months, in this EP, there are 6 new songs they can listen to, which clearly retains the aura of GOT7. In which every member of the team participates in the work of every song as well. It is a spectacular comeback, bringing fans in and enjoying every song.

To welcome new works in the past year of GOT7, these Thai Akase birds. So open the mission to do the statistics up to 3 missions worth the wait. Starting with “NANANA” surpassing 50,000 streams per day for 5 days in a row.

And when it’s done, Warner Music Thailand has arranged a special gift in return for the dedication of the little birds. The welcome back mission is not just one mission. There are still other missions waiting for fans to show their energy to the boys of GOT7 again. and special gifts Because this is an important opportunity to show your power. So that the 7 of them can know how great and how great the Thai Akase is and how much they love their GOT7!

And don’t forget to listen to the EP ‘GOT7’ that has been released on streaming services all over Thailand. Or you can download it from iTunes Store and watch various clips-music videos of GOT7 here. Youtube: GOT7 has a lot of cool things to watch!!

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