#Gotchapopconcert: A Phenomenal Success in T-POP Music History

#Gotchapopconcert: A New Milestone in T-POP Music History

On X (X) Number 1, the T-POP music scene witnessed yet another unforgettable moment with the highly trending #Gotchapopconcert. This event, hosted by ATIMESHOWBIZ, has solidified the success of the awakening pop chemistry phenomenon, offering T-POP fans an opportunity to indulge in unparalleled entertainment. On the evening of September 9th, at the prestigious Union Hall in Union Mall Shopping Centre, attendees were captivated by the remarkable lights, enchanting stage setup, impeccable sound quality, and an extraordinary lineup of the hottest boy and girl bands of the year, including TRINITY, 4EVE, ATLAS, PROXIE, LAZ1, PERSES, and LYKN. These powerhouses delivered an enthralling performance, combining exceptional vocals and mesmerizing stage presence. The show, which lasted over five hours, left no stone unturned in ensuring an extraordinary experience for the fans.

LYKN: A Promising Debut

The evening kicked off with a bang as LYKN, a budding boy group with Alfa talent under Rizer Music, graced the stage for the first time in a concert of this magnitude. These five talented young men undoubtedly left a lasting impression, showcasing breathtaking singing abilities and electrifying dance moves. Their relentless dedication to pleasing their passionate fanbase, commonly referred to as Lykyou, was evident throughout their energetic performance.

PERSES: Teenage Idols Who Soar High

Next up were the five sensational young men of PERSES, teenage idols from G’NEST. Their flawless vocal prowess and impeccable dancing skills truly left the audience in awe. The highlight of their set was undoubtedly their special performance of the song ‘Unholy,’ a treat for the eager Darnau who have been eagerly anticipating their presence on the local stage following their international success. Additionally, PERSES pleasantly surprised the audience by inviting their sister group, VIIS (Vis), another up-and-coming girl group under the same label, for a breathtaking joint performance.

ATLAS: Lighting Up the Stage

ATLAS, a seven-member boy group, took the stage by storm with their first single ‘Mayday Mayday.’ Their charismatic stage presence and exceptional vocal abilities were further showcased in their enthralling performance of the song ‘He Came First.’ The group’s lead vocalist, Aris, dazzled the crowd with his powerful rendition of ‘Talk to Solve Loneliness’ while delivering a phenomenal breakdancing show specifically designed for this grand occasion.

PROXIE: Trendsetters with a Mesmerizing Stage

BROTHERS Music record label’s boy band PROXIE continued their streak of captivating performances. As soon as they stepped on stage, their mere presence sent the audience into a frenzy. The stage setup exceeded all expectations, leaving concert-goers in awe. The 40 minutes of their set were a sheer delight to watch, with carefully curated songs complemented by flawless singing and mesmerizing dance routines. Notably, their performance of ‘Dao,’ accompanied by fans lighting up the venue, created a breathtaking sea of stars.

TRINITY: International Acts that Ignite the Stage

The arrival of Third-Jackie-Porsche, the three dashing and talented members of TRINITY, elevated the energy to unprecedented levels. This internationally renowned group truly set the stage on fire, delivering a fiercely energetic performance accompanied by captivating dance routines. The hit song ‘Champagne Poppin’,’ which garnered rave reviews from Twilight fans, was undoubtedly the highlight of their set.

LAZ1: Unforgettable Comeback

Much to the delight of the LAZERs, the most sought-after boy band in T-POP, LAZ1 made an unforgettable comeback. They brought an element of fun and flavor to the stage while showcasing their exceptional singing, dancing, and overall entertainment abilities. The five members, Da Wu, Oddi ar y Ffordd, Driver, Pen Tor, and Geller, effortlessly charmed the audience. Their collaboration with the five talented men from PERSES on the song ‘Uptown Funk,’ along with a scintillating Secret Show, set the stage ablaze, prompting the audience to dance fervently and scream at the top of their lungs.

4EVE: Reigning as the Ultimate Girl Group

The concert concluded with the grand debut of 4EVE, causing an eruption of screams from their dedicated fanbase, known as For Aye. This girl group unequivocally reigns as the number one force in the industry, solidifying their position with a flawless performance. The seven members, Mind, Jorin, Ta Aom, Hanna, Fai, Punch, and Ah-ay, orchestrated an impeccable amalgamation of dance and song, inviting the entire audience to sing along to the soul-stirring ballad ‘Teardrop.’ Moreover, the collaborative secret performance of ‘Bomb’ with ATLAS was meticulously executed, capturing the hearts of fans instantly.

The #Gotchapopconcert, an evening filled with utmost satisfaction, enjoyment, and heartwarming support from the fandom, lasted for over five hours. This overwhelmingly positive response has sparked calls for it to become an annual tradition in the ATIMESHOWBIZ calendar. Rest assured, T-POP enthusiasts, as next year the stage will once again be set ablaze, promising countless memorable moments.


It has become another moment in T-POP music history with #Gotchapopconcert. which is trending on X (X) Number 1, reinforcing the success of the phenomenon of awakening pop chemistry with the best T-POP concert ‘GOTCHA POP CONCERT’ by ATIMESHOWBIZ opens the door to take T-POP fans to enjoy’ the fun. Last Saturday, September 9th, at the Union Hall, Union Mall Shopping Centre, you will be amazed by the lights, stage, sound and line-up of the hottest boy and girl bands of the year, both TRINITY, 4EVE, ATLAS , PROXIE, LAZ1, PERSES and LYKN served a full show with singing and performance. Throughout the show for more than 5 hours, for anyone who missed out on the fun gachapon, EFM has collected pictures of the fun for you to follow.

The first group of artists to have a chance to perform for the first time were 5 young men from LYKN, a new boy group with Alfa talent, debuting under Rizer Music, performing in a big concert for the first time. I can say that they really give. The most spectacular, singing and dancing without stopping. Try hard to please the loud screaming Lykyou.

Next is the turn of the 5 young men PERSES, teenage idols from G’NEST, who have the ability to sing and dance to a level of destruction. As well as holding a special show for the song ‘Unholy’ to please the Darnau who are waiting to see when they will be able to see it in our country after making a hit on the international stage. As well as a surprise invitation to the sister group VIIS (Vis), a girl group from the same label that appeared recently, to come on stage to perform for the first time.

Then it was the turn of the 7-man boy group ATLAS who opened the show with their first single ‘Mayday Mayday’ together with a special Cholo show showing their singing skills in the song ‘He came first’ to serve as a wow factor. Throughout the show, Aris, who warmed their throats, came to scream at the top of their lungs in the song ‘Talk to Solve Loneliness’ with a very cool breakdancing show specially devised for this stage.

Followed by BROTHERS Music record label boy band PROXIE who continue to create a trend of ‘people who don’t talk’ because just stepping on stage makes consumers scream their necks off because they never thought that the stage looks This is going to be so lovely, you can say that it is 40 minutes which is very enjoyable to watch because each song has been carefully chosen with full singing and dancing. Along with a special song like ‘Dao’ where fans unitedly turned on the lights to create a sea of ​​stars throughout the hall.

It’s a Third-Jackie-Porsche twist, 3 handsome and cool members of TRINITY, great international acts that raise the bar. T-POP put on a show that set the stage on fire, showing fiercely and dancing special.The song ‘Champange’ Poppin’ which Twilight fans give a thumbs up to is the best! To get rid of your loss

Continuing with LAZ1, LAZERs most requested boy band to make a comeback. Put on a show that’s fun and full of flavor. The most mellow with unique abilities in singing, dancing, and entertaining the audience By 5 young men: Da Wu – Oddi ar y Ffordd – Driver – Pen Tor – Geller. Spreading charm without holding back In addition, there will be a special show that can be said to have very good voices, along with a Secret Show known as a phenomenon by inviting 5 young PERSES men to collaborate on the song ‘Uptown Funk’, setting the stage on fire . Invite everyone to dance on fire in such a way that the audience has to bow their necks and scream at the top of their lungs.

Ends with the girls of 4EVE making their debut, causing screams from the For Aye crowd to fill the hall. The dignity of a girl group that really reigns as the number 1 of the era because of this stage, 7 girls: Mind – Jorin – Ta Aom – Hanna – Fai – Punch – Ah-ay Organize dance songs to please the fans, including the a slow song ‘Teardrop’ which invites the whole hall to sing along loudly. It’s still not enough to satisfy you, go with 4EVE x ATLAS Secret show in the song ‘Bomb’ which is very accurate. With the historic shot of Nice’s 4 temporary dance moves in the middle of the stage that went viral overnight.

It’s called the #Gotchapopconcert. Filled with the most satisfaction, fun, and the most impressive warmth the fandom gave their support throughout the entire show for more than 5 hours. Also there are calls for it to become another regular annual concert for ATIMESHOWBIZ. I promise we will definitely meet again next year. T-POP people are ready to warm up and wait.


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