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CHARLESTON – B – maybe they don't like each other these days, but Gov Jim Justice and Joe Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., Are working together on ways to produce West Virginia hub for petrochemical production.

Justice announced a meeting held Monday between itself, the Commercial Secretary Ed Gaunch and representatives of the Department of Energy. They discussed opportunities for economic growth in the state's natural gas industry, including building crackers and a storage hub for natural gas by-products.

“It is imperative that we create a petrochemical industry in West Virginia compared to building more pipelines that leave our state without creating any long-term manufacturing jobs,” t The justice said in a statement.

Justice and Gaunch met Steven Winberg, assistant secretary of the Department of Energy's Fossil Energy Office, and Ken Humphreys Jr, Winberg's senior advisor and native of West Virginia. Winberg estimates that $ 30 billion dollars could be invested over a decade and create more than 100,000 jobs by finding a petrochemical facility in the state.

“West Virginia has a chance to play a big part in the new Appalachian petrochemical industry,” Winberg said. “With numerous quantities of ethane, valuable petrochemical raw material, more co-produced with West Virginia natural gas, the state is able to attract much of this investment and associated jobs.” T

The justice stated that it intends to appoint a person to act as a liaison between the Department of Energy and the state to assist in the future planning of petrochemical facilities.

From a federal perspective, Manchin has been working with the Department of Energy to pave the way for the Appalachian Storage Hub in West Virginia. On Monday, Manchin announced the introduction of the Appalachian Security National Security Act, which would require Energy, Defense and Treasury departments to study the national security potential for finding a hub in the heart of Marcellus chips. and Utica.

“The benefits of a natural gas fluid storage hub in Appalachia are plentiful,” Manchin said in a statement. “Extending energy infrastructure would be an economic driver for the region, and our domestic production of petrochemical resources that we rely on would increase.” T

The act also requires the study of issues relating to the foreign ownership of petrochemical facilities and resources, the need for geographic diversity and the location of production facilities and calls for an evaluation of energy exports.

Manchin, the Democracy ranked on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, heard evidence last week from Energy Secretary Rick Perry. During that meeting, Perry told Manchin that progress towards a storage hub in Appalachia was not moving as fast as he wanted.

“The Senator, we talked about this for a long time and, honestly, it's not happening as quickly as I would like to see it,” Perry said. “This is a win-win for America. This concerns American energy security, it's about American jobs and I hope we look together – the Administration, the Congress, the Democrats, the Republicans – this seo makes sense for America. ”

A petrochemical storage hub, such as the proposed Appalachian Storage Hub, builds natural gas by-products, such as ethane, butane, and ethylene, and is stored underground for future use in manufacturing. Experts believe that the location of such a facility in West Virginia would stimulate economic growth in the state.

A report was issued by the Department of Energy at the end of 2018 on the potential for storage in West Virginia, Ohio or Pennsylvania. Potential sites in West Virginia, including along Ohio Valley between Hancock and Tyler counties, Mid-West Virginia and Glen Kanawha.

Rights and Manchin have recently exchanged barbs. In an interview on West Virginia MetroNews 14 March, Manchin Justice took to task without having to spend enough time at the Capitol state. Justice is a party to a suit that invites him to continue the state Constitution and resides in Milltown.

“Not working,” Manchin said. “Not shown. You can't run the state from The Greenbrier. That is not how it works. And you lead an example. ”

In a press release March 26 was proposed by President Donald Trump for being "Release" Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Judge Manchin criticized for not being more supportive of the president, calling Manchin a “One of those Washington Liberals.” T

“Joe's rejection of President Trump should not surprise him – after all, Joe voted 'no'; on the wall of President Trump, Joe voted 'without'; President Trump's tax cuts and voted 'No'; on the repeal of President Trump and the center of Obama Care, ” t The Judge said.

However, Monday's Justice said that the effort to find petrochemical facilities in the state will work everyone together, from state officials to conference and federal level.

“Representatives of the Trump administration have told us that they will be able to do everything they can to help us achieve this in the near future,” The Judge said. “This will take a team effort between the Legislative state, our conference delegation, and all our cabinet members to do this.” T

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