“Government and business in one body” President Yoon emphasized only business and market?

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Yesterday, the New Year’s work reports of the government ministries, which started last December, were completed.

MBC collected the words that President Yoon Seok-yeol recited to ministries over the past month, and the most frequently used words were ‘market’, ‘industry’, and ‘company’.

There is a notable finding that the economy only grows when it is nurtured as an industry.

There are voices that cause concern.

Reporter Lee Jung-eun covered the story.

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The Financial Services Commission’s business report which ended late last night.

President Yoon Seok-yeol also ordered that “all government ministries become the Ministry of Industry.”

[윤석열 대통령(어제, 금융위 업무보고)]

“Based on my opinion that ‘all government departments should be industrial’…”

The New Year’s work report of the government ministries which has been going on for about a month since the end of last year.

After each report, President Yoon poured out lengthy remarks that lasted up to 30 minutes.

I looked at all the opening and closing comments, and it was 53 pages of A4 paper with fine writing.

The most commonly used word is ‘market’.

Said 153 times.

‘Industry’ appeared 130 times and ‘Enterprise’ appeared 123 times.

It thoroughly emphasized markets, industries and companies.

Regulatory agencies, protecting citizens from industrial logic, are no exception.

The Ministry of the Environment, which prevents environmental pollution,

[윤석열 대통령(1월 3일, 환경부 업무보고)]

“Please industrialize and commercialize this area so that it can be solved as a technology…”

welfare department,

[윤석열 대통령(1월 9일, 복지부 업무보고)]

“How to manage the semi-market by involving the private sector and companies…”

The Ministry of Education also ordered the logic of the market.

[윤석열 대통령(1월 5일, 교육부 업무보고)]

“Only when the system guarantees that consumers and suppliers can make free choices…”

He even said several times that the government and businesses should become one.

[윤석열 대통령(1월 16일, UAE 순방 중)]

“The government and businesses are one body and one team.”

[윤석열 대통령(1월 11일, 외교·국방부 업무보고)]

“Instead of thinking of ourselves as the government, we are also a strategic department of a company…”

This perception of the President seems to have come from the idea that the economy will only grow when it is nurtured as an industry.

But there are also voices that cause concern.

If the government only takes the side of companies, the criticism is about who plays the role of a shield for the socially disadvantaged.

[우석진 교수/명지대 경제학]

“For example, if we emphasize too much the logic of industry on things like the environment or labor protection, the people will suffer great damage and the well-being of all our people can decline greatly, so you have to speak up and decide. carefully…”

In fact, the Yoon Seok-yeol government’s main policies, such as corporate tax and inheritance tax reduction, flexible working hours, and revising the Serious Accident Penalty Act, all face controversy over pro-business bias.

This is Lee Jeong-eun from MBC News.

Video commentary: Park Jong-il, Kim Hee-gun / Editing: Woo Seong-ho

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