Government “Deeply deplores Japan’s promotion of Sado Mine Listing as a World Heritage Site, Urging for Immediate Revocation”

Source: Yonhap News

The government is “very deploring” that Japan selected the Sado Mine, the site of forced labor for Koreans during the Japanese colonial period, as a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and urged it to be withdrawn immediately.

The Cultural Council of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan today selected the Sado Mine in Niigata Prefecture as a candidate for nomination as a World Heritage Site.

Accordingly, Japan will review by February 1 next year whether or not to submit a recommendation letter to UNESCO for registration of the Sado Mine as a World Heritage Site at the government level.

In a commentary on this, spokesperson Choi Young-sam of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that “Japan is trying to inscribe another damaged site as a World Heritage Site, without implementing the UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s decision and the follow-up measures it has promised itself.” .

Spokesperson Choi also pointed out the fact that in July of this year, the World Heritage Committee urged the World Heritage Committee to supplement explanations related to forced labor by Koreans in modern industrial facilities such as Hashima and Gunham Island, which were previously registered as World Heritage Sites.

Japan acknowledged the fact that Koreans were forced into labor at the site of a modern industrial facility registered as a World Heritage Site in 2015 and promised to set up an information center to commemorate the victims, but this has not been fulfilled.

Spokesperson Choi emphasized, “Our government will take decisive action together with the international community so that places where forced labor took place against their will are not listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites without sufficient description.”



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