Government offices to function at 50 per cent capacity: Kuwait

Kuwait City: Government offices in Kuwait will operate at 50 percent capacity. The decision was taken by the Kuwaiti government. The Cabinet has directed the various departments to arrange work in such a way that only 50 per cent of the employees are in the office at the same time.

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The working capacity of private institutions has not been determined. The ministry has directed the private sector to operate at maximum capacity. The new order will take effect from Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti government has urged people to avoid traveling abroad unless there is an urgent need. The government’s move comes as the spread of Kovid in the country is on the rise. Those arriving in Kuwait are advised to abide by the quarantine instructions. It is also recommended to avoid interacting with others before the quarantine deadline.

The Ministry is closely monitoring Kovid cases in hospitals and Kovid Intensive Care Units across the country. The Ministry is constantly evaluating treatment methods and preventive measures. Authorities have advised people to avoid contact with those who show symptoms of Kovid.

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