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Government Savings Bank wins Best Retail Bank of the Year 2020

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Government Savings Bank wins Best Retail Bank of the Year 2020 Best Retail Bank of the Year 2020 Kasikorn Bank Ranks Best Bank in SME Lending Bank of Thailand Champion, Best Bank in Home Loan Siam Commercial Bank Wins Best Bank for Personal Loans and Credit Cards Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL. The best company in life insurance. According to the votes of the people, visitors to the Money Expo at 6 locations nationwide

Money and Banking Journal The November 2020 issue reveals the results of the 2020 Money Expo nationwide visitor survey that Government Savings Bank has been named Best Retail Bank of The Year 2020, which is a consecutive position as 5th year

For the above rating Money and Banking Magazine received cooperation from Suan Dusit Poll. Suan Dusit Rajabhat University Conducted a survey of 6 Money Expo visitors in Bangkok and the region, the results showed that the Government Savings Bank was the bank that visitors liked and decided to use the service the most. By reasoning that he is confident in using the service Since it is a stable and reliable financial institution, it also offers complete services and attractive promotional campaigns. Both the issue of interest rates and privileges Including booth staff willing to provide advice, services and complete information. Resulting in useful information in making decision to use the service

In addition, there are excellent banks for each service of the year 2020 that the visitors are satisfied and decide to use each service. The banks that offer excellent deposit services are Government Savings Bank, Bank that offers excellent service in home loan, including Government Housing Bank (GHB), Bank with excellent service for SME loans, including Kasikorn Bank, The best bank for personal loan and the best bank for credit cards are Siam Commercial Bank. Companies with excellent service in life insurance are Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL.

GSB Social Bank

For the Government Savings Bank this year, there is a booth that reflects the identity of the Government Savings Bank, “GSB Social Bank, Government Savings Bank,” which plays an important role in promoting savings alongside Thai society. Along with the determination to create opportunities for Thais to have access to funding sources in the system to raise their income levels. Improve the quality of life for better living And support the development of the foundation economy to be strengthened further

The highlighted products of the GSB that were presented at the event were 107 special deposits, 107 days of deposits, on the occasion of this year’s 107th anniversary of the Government Savings Bank, offering an average high interest equivalent to a fixed deposit of 3.52% per year. Waiting in line from morning every day to reserve the right to the full amount of 700 million baht. “Housing loan for home purchase, 0% installment for 1 year” and open to reserve the right for customers who buy new houses / new condos Or refinance Each credit limit not exceeding 3 million baht is eligible to win an average interest rate of 1% for 3 years.

In addition, GSB Smooth Biz + Business Loans are available as short-term and long-term loans to serve as working capital. Invest in fixed assets Or redeem a mortgage from another financial institution for a loan amount of 1-100 million baht, charged at a special interest rate, year 1-2 = 1.99% per year.


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