Governor surrenders title dignity: Mantri Rajan : Nattu Visesham

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Mulankunnathukav: Govt using non-statutory practices Mantri Rajan said he is giving up the dignity of title of runner. If there is anyone behind the governor, they will come out soon, Jan told the media.

Governor is an administrative title. Opinion on whether communists want the governorship There are hardships. Governor as part of Cabinet All the rights, respect and honors given by the Narodu Government have revealed that we are gone. The problem is when the governor loses the dignity of the office Rajan pointed out that it is coming.
What is a Governor and what is a duty Everything we have to offer is designed with precision in mind

How not to sing like a governor Word that says, acts, and goes beyond things Acting in a manner that does not respect dignity There is trouble – said Rajan. The governor will abandon extreme measures, and the minister also hoped they would expect him.

All honor to him according to the title given by the Navum constitution they give. When he was leaving, the Prime Minister spoke against him. In the coming days, it should be revealed who is behind the governor. Rajan said he will do it and wait to see.

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