GPF has opened statistics for members interested in e-Statements for more than 50% and ready to send the statement for the year 2021 to members all over the country.

GPF sends member statement for the year 2021 to members nationwide and open for downloading e-Statements via online channels Ready to open statistics of members interested in receiving e-Statement statements for more than 50% of the total number of members

Dr. Srikanya Yathip, secretary-general of the Government Pension Fund Committee (GPF) revealed that the GPF has delivered the 2021 member statement documents to members across the country. both in the form of documents through the agency and electronic form (e-Statement) delivered to the email address of the registered member requesting to receive the e-Statement. The member’s statement will show details of the balance as of the end of the year 2021, both the accumulated money sent by the member. money contributed by the state and the return that the GPF invests in the members’ accumulated money and contributions

In addition, GPF has also prepared an estimate of the expected amount that members will receive upon retirement. and the assumption of increasing savings If members adjust the savings rate and inviting members to participate in the survey “Financial Skills Level” for a chance to win more than 500 prizes from the GPF welfare partners, totaling 200,000 baht.

In addition, GPF has also opened an e-Statement download service through 3 online channels as follows: 1. My GPF Application via smartphone, at the menu “My Account”, select the menu “Download/e-Statement” and select “ Ask for a copy of the statement.” 2. My GPF Website. Access via computer at the website. Select the menu “My Account” and select “Request a copy of the statement” and 3. LINE GPF @gpfcommunity Access via smartphone at the menu “Download statement” in the menu of the chat Line GPF, where members will receive a statement in a pdf format with a password. For more security of member information
In which members tend to be more interested in requesting membership statements in the form of e-Statements. In 2021, the cumulative number of registered members who request and download e-Statements is 596,332, representing 50.6% of Total members, an increase of 13% from 2020 with a cumulative total of 438,387 and following the measures to gradually reduce the use of paper. Focus on bringing technology to help increase work efficiency. to reduce unnecessary paper usage and reduce the Carbon Footprint that is part of the greenhouse gas cause global warming

Dr. Srikanya added that Membership statement for the year 2021 is an important document. to be used for personal income tax filing Members are entitled to income tax exemption on their accumulated balance during the year 2021, when combined with other retirement savings funds. and must not exceed 500,000 baht. For more information, please contact GPF or Line @GPFCommunity and GPF Contact Center at 1179.



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