GPSC has successfully acquired DJSI as a sustainable power generation company.

Worawat Pittayasiri Chief Executive Officer and President Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited or GPSC Power business innovation leader PTT Group revealed that GPSC’s success in being selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Emerging Markets Index in the Electric Utilities industry category 2022 is the first year that reflects the company’s commitment. develop a business for sustainability continuously until being selected as a member according to the scheme

To be selected as an international member of DJSI this time It is a boost and support for all the business units that drive together under the 4S corporate strategy, which includes S1: Strengthening and expanding the Core, S2 : Green Energy on Scale, S3: S-Curve & Batteries, S4: Shift to Customer -Centered Solutions until there is success. Achievements and goals achieved Despite having to face economic fluctuations due to the risk of energy prices.

As a result, the cost of fuel prices is higher, and the company continues to continuously pursue energy innovations. Along with developing energy technology with partners to increase electricity production potential and utilities to keep up with the changes in the global trend Become a leading company in the field of clean energySoutheast Asia

GPSC As an innovative energy company Has set a goal to increase the share of capacity expansion. by focusing on expanding power generation fromrenewable energyincrease by more than 50% by 2030 and improve the productivity of primary fuel power plants. by adopting storage technologycarbon dioxide (CO₂) and technology to bring hydrogen gas into the fuel mix to increase combustion efficiency Reducing carbon (CCUS and Hydrogen Technology), which will play an important role in moving towards the goal of carbon neutrality (Carbon Neutrality) in 2050 andnet zero greenhouse gas emissions (Get Zero Emissions) in 2060 to tackle climate change. And participate in reducing global warming according to the statement of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.

Produced by S&P Global, the DJSI Index evaluates the sustainability performance of leading global companies. cover economic, governance, social and environmental indicators Ensure that the organization has effective business management in all dimensions. Along with creating benefits for society through various projects in accordance with sustainable development guidelines continuously with creativityinnovationand technology that can truly improve the quality of life in Thai society.


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