GPT-4 Bing Chat AI instant approval to play|One step to break through the waiting list and use the new version of the trial shortcut

GPT-4 Bing Chat AI second batch trial play| OpenAI artificial intelligence model officially launched the latest GPT-4 version a few days ago It is said to be more functional than GPT-3.5, which has started the boom of ChatGPT artificial intelligence on the Internet from front Powerfully, users are naturally eager to try.

Microsoft Bing is one of the first artificial intelligence tools on the market to implement the GPT-4 API (Microsoft Figure)

In addition to paying to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, you can also use the new version of Microsoft Bing Chat that has adopted the GPT-4 API. However, to try the new Bing, users were required to join the waiting list before Microsoft opened the right to use it for users. But recently, someone has revealed a method that allows users to “jump in the queue” to use the new version of Bing in real time and test some of the GPT-4 functions.

1 step 3 minutes to cut through the waiting list and try the new version of Bing

After a period of testing, Microsoft has begun to “release” users in different regions on a large scale to let them test the new version of Bing AI Chat. However, users in Hong Kong still need to log in to the waiting list ( Waiting List ). A simple way to cut through the waiting list and enable Bing AI features immediately with frequently used accounts👇👇👇

It is worth noting that the new version of Bing enabled in this way can also be used in the Bing App on the mobile phone, and because of the functionality of the mobile phone, users can instantly chat with Bing through voice input commands.

Due to the functionality of the mobile phone, users can instantly chat with Bing through voice input commands. (Photo by Cai Haoteng)

In addition to the question-and-answer chat mode, users can also enter simple commands on the computer’s Edge browser to let Bing AI directly output text in different styles It is a good tool in writing, and with a blessing GPT-4 Under this, the writing speed is faster and the writing is more fluent.

In the Bing browser version, in addition to the chat mode, a “composition mode” has been added to allow Bing AI to directly output text in different styles (Bing Figure)

Bing Chat is for experience only and does not use GPT-4 functions

However, it is worth noting that although the AI ​​Chat function of Microsoft Bing has already used the GPT-4 API, it still remains in the ChatGPT-style text reply mode and has not exhausted the multimode,That is, it can read pictures and text features to work for users (detailed functions can be found in another article).

In addition, Microsoft currently has a limit on the number of users who can interact with Bing AI each day. Each person can only ask 10 groups of questions per day, and each group of questions can ask a maximum of 15 questions. 150 questions can be published; however, with full GPT-4 input, Bing AI calculations will be faster and more stable. Recently, Microsoft has gradually relaxed this limit.

What is the difference between ChatGPT Plus and ordinary ChatGPT?

I have actually measured the response speed of ChatGPT before and after the upgrade, and found that the upgraded ChatGPT was faster in terms of response speed…see details.

What are the main functions of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can perform a variety of natural language processing tasks such as dialogue, answering questions, generating articles, translating and summarizing, and can automatically adjust the content of its answers based on context and user input.

Does ChatGPT have any regional restrictions?

Currently, all artificial intelligence services under OpenAI, including ChatGPT, are not officially open for use in the following countries and regions:China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, Belarus


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