Home Business Grab captures the animal lovers market, launches GrabPet, a travel service for people with pets starting at 95 baht

Grab captures the animal lovers market, launches GrabPet, a travel service for people with pets starting at 95 baht

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“The pet market is one of the most interesting businesses. especially during 1 – 2 Over the past year, we have seen
trend of singles including single family groups who turn to pets as friends to relieve loneliness.
COVID epidemic-19 That makes people live and work at home more is another important factor.
That has resulted in this market growing steadily. until the present has a higher market value 35,000 million baht* This includes service businesses. with pets.” Khun Chansuda Thananit Yaudom Director of Marketing and Business Partnerships Grab Thailand say

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What is GrabPet – How much does it cost?

Currently, there are few options for travel services for people with pets. Sometimes users have to reserve the queue in advance.
unable to travel immediately and the service fee is quite high from the fixed price Grab sees business opportunities
from users in this group Therefore, we have developed a new service likeGrabPet’ came up as an alternative for pet owners
who may not have their own car or do not want to drive themselves To take pets to travel to do outdoor activities, whether it is taking them on vacations, relaxing, exercising, or even going to the hospital. 3 The highlight is convenience. safety standard and accessible service fees.”

serveGrabPetcome along 3 The main highlight is

  • convenient Pick up anywhere, anytime: Customers can call the service to travel immediately without needing to book an appointment in advance. There are also cars to choose from. 2 size isGrabPet’ (GrabPet) for small and medium pets andGrabPet XL’ (GrabPet XL) car service SUV for large pets
  • safe Confident throughout the journey: Every GrabPet journey is served by a driver-partner.
    that has been specially trained by professional animal trainers in order to be able to welcome and take proper care of pets Ready to create peace of mind with a policy to compensate for damages for pets up to 20,000 baht
    In the event of a travel accident, Grab also reinforces cleanliness and hygiene by providing pet seats and cleaning supplies for driver-partners to clean the interior. car after every trip
  • accessible price easy on the pocket: Don’t worry about the problem of inflated service fees. because users can check the price in advance before traveling with a starting fee of just 95 baht for GrabPet’ (GrabPet) and 145 baht forGrabPet XL’ (GrabPet XL)

GrabPetto accessories pet clothes

super special! For GrabPet users during the launch, Grab has partnered with Mars Thailand, Inc. Who operates the world’s leading pet food brands from the United States. Prepare to distribute free pet food products such as premium dog food Caesar brand. (CESAR) and Iams (IAMS) and premium cat food, Sheba brand (SHEBA) Appease users and allow four-legged friends to enjoy premium and premium ingredients in every destination they travel throughout the month of November. They also offer discounts of up to 30% when ordering animal feed products 3 Brands via GrabMart (GrabMart) too

Grab recently launched a special collection for pets under its brand.Grab Petto‘(GrabPetto) Both t-shirts and mini bags for dogs and cats with colors and designs that perfectly reflect Grab. which are available for sale via GrabMart (GrabMart) and Grab Shop (GrabShop) on lazada (Lazada) which received a very good response We sincerely hope that GrabPet will be another service that will be liked by pet lovers who are looking for a ride-hailing service through an application that meets both convenience and convenience. safety and reasonable price.” youChansuda added

Stay tuned for more details about the service.GrabPetat www.grab.com/th/blog/grabpet

* Reference information from PET EXPO 2020

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