Grade 6 confused!! He was attacked by a couple using a baseball bat while playing futsal under the Talat Phlu BTS bridge.

At 3:00 pm on January 31, 2023, Mr. Mao (surname withheld), 18 years old, a Grade 6 student at a school in Thonburi District, filed a complaint with Police Captain Suraphon Phompui, Deputy Senate (investigation) Talat Phlu Police Station in the case of being framed by a group of parties 11- 12 who attacked using baseball bats and threatening cutters. While traveling to play futsal at a multi-purpose stadium under the Talat Phlu BTS bridge, Soi Terd Thai 33 Road, Talat Phlu Sub-District, Thonburi District, Bangkok until he was injured.

It was the evening of January 30, the evening he traveled to play futsal. In the field above as usual, 12 young people aged 17-20 suddenly entered the field to find their senior friend, Mr Ma (real name unknown), aged 21, but Mr Ma is there, causing the group to surround him. A frame came to him who knows Mr. Ma before tearing his shirt collar from the field Then use a baseball bat to hit the middle of the back, middle and left shoulder blade, a total of 4 times, then someone named Mr. Bright jumped ( real name), about 17-18 years old, and punched his face 1 -2 more times until he was bruised, all over the body He saw a bad posture, so he ran away in a hurry and died. Take the road along the Wongwian Yai-Mahakhai Railway. before receiving help from a motorbike take him to travel to report to the investigating officer Regarding the story that he was attacked, it is expected that it was a deposit. Because two months ago, Mr Ma, an older friend, had quarreled with a group of suspects while playing futsal.

As for himself, he confirmed that he had never known the parties. There has never been an argument and there has never been an argument before. Mr Ma only knew who was attacked and it was only later that he learned that all 12 of the party were children in Soi Wat Sang, spreading around Freedom Road. and Taksin Road area who like to gather together to play around in different multi-purpose stadiums After reporting to the investigating officer He was sent for a physical examination at Ratchada-Tha Phra Hospital The doctor gave him medicine to reduce swelling and relieve pain . Where the lieutenant will liaise with the investigation department to check the CCTV and pursue the criminals to prosecute them.

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